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Reduce Everyday Stress By Managing Your Life
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Reduce Everyday Stress By Managing Your Life

When people are experiencing high levels of stress they often put it down to circumstances outside their control, such as a poor situation at work, struggling financially to make ends meet, or coping with a relationship that is falling apart. Feeling overwhelmed and impotent to change a situation is incredibly stressful, but it’s important to recognise that although your choices may be limited there are steps you can take to reduce every day stress by examining different areas of your life, breaking them down into component parts and identifying actions you need to take which will make a difference on your general health, well being and peace of mind.

Use the following steps to identify all the areas that create stress in your life

1. Money Management

Money is often the number one issue that causes people stress in their lives. Worrying about money is horrible, but it is made worse if you ignore it. I have worked with a client who left her very well paid job and was worried about money and stopped opening her post. Did this help. Of course it didn’t. Make sure that you are fully aware of what your financial commitments are and consider any changes you need to make to ensure that you’re not piling extra stress on yourself. Ignore financial worries and your stress levels will probably go through the roof.

2. Time Management

Time is another area of life that is likely to cause some people stress, but steps can be taken to ease that. Stop doing things, delegate others, pay people to do things for you, become more organised, share things with other people. There are lots of different actions you can take to reduce stress if you’re prepared to do it. And if that inner voice of yours is muttering “I don’t have the time”, shut it up and make a commitment to sorting out. You’ll feel so much better if you do.

3. Health Management

It’s all too easy to ignore your day to day health and what you need to do to manage it effectively. If you have a poor diet or you’re drinking too much or you’re not taking enough exercise it’s hard to stay healthy and sleep well. Not attending to your health can lead you to a myriad of symptoms which will only add to your stress. Don’t use the lack of time as an excuse for not exercising or eating problem. Work out what changes you need to make and put them in place.

4. Relationship Management

If you have issues any issues at work or in your personal life, see what you can do to minimise stressful situations. Remember that you cannot control other people’s behaviour, you can only control your own. For example if you have a good friend that is always using you to off load, leaving you feel stressed and miserable, speak to them about it, or make the decision not to spend as much time with them. Whatever the size of step you decide to take, it’s worth taking if it will have a positive impact on your stress levels.


If you want to reduce everyday stress and feel more in control, it’s important that you identify some of the root causes and take steps to change your situation. If you’re stressed about issues in just one of the areas mentioned it can throw your whole life off balance and escalate your stress levels. Take control of your life now and reduce your ever day feelings of stress.

Do you have any particular strategies for managing stress? If you need further ideas you can find more on my confidence site.

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