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Signs And Symptoms Of Mental Illness
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Basically, mental illness refers to a health condition affecting an individual's thoughts, feelings or behavior. In line with this point, individuals who are mentally ill, are in most cases unable to function normally and as such they may be distressed. This health condition may be mild or severe just as any other diseases may be and as such, in mild cases, one may not realize the problem. However, in severe cases, the affected individual may cause problems to those around them.

In connection to this point, it is important to point out some of the symptoms and signs of mentalillnesses often noted among individuals who are in severe conditions. To begin with, a mentally ill individual is likely to have difficulties functioning in terms of thoughts, behavior and feelings. Accordingly, such individuals are likely to show signs of agitation, withdrawal symptoms andconfusion altogether.

Apart from this point, other mentally ill individuals will go beyond the point of agitation, confusion or withdrawal symptoms to a point of being depressed. In addition, other individuals may develop disorders such as Schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, abbreviated ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder and autism among others as such.

Given the extend to which mental illness may take an individual, it is important for one to seek for professional help once the first warning signs are identified. Importantly, the first warning signs of mental illnesses may be portrayed in various ways through which once identified, treatment and professional help may be applied. Such warning signs have to do with sudden observed changes on one's behavior leading to difficulties in one's ability to attend to normal day to day activities.

Arguably, mentally ill individuals may be associated with excessive anxieties along with their inability to cope with problems when they arise. Needless to say, agitation which may lead to violent behavior may be witnessed along with tendency to abuse drugs and/or alcohol as a way of coping with their mental instabilities. Besides, mentally ill individuals may show variations in their sleep patterns, eating habits and as such, they may go to an extend of having suicidal thoughts. It is therefore, highly recommended that once such signs are noted, professional health and treatment is sought without delay.

This is the reason that mental illnesses may lead to more problems like disability and even death. Therefore, in order to avoid loss of life and occurrence of social disorders, mental illnesses should be treated with care at all levels. It is so unfortunate that such illnesses often go unnoticed and as such, economic, social and medical costs of treating such illnesses has burdened the society along with low productivity in the society since many people who are affected cannot be reproductive.

In conclusion, although there is no sure way to prevent mental illnesses, paying attention to warning signs, avoiding stress or source of it, getting the right help at the right time (as early as possible) and taking care of oneself is of paramount importance.

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I used to visit a hospital to check my eyes which is next to the mental ward. Very sad to see these people. Thanks for sharing !

  about 8 years ago
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