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What Do You Do When You Hear A Song You Hate?
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Perhaps you listen to the radio. You like many of the songs on your favorite radio station's playlist.

I love listening to the radio. I love hearing about upcoming events that I am interested in and about contests that I can enter and hope to win. I also love hearing songs by my favorite artists. In addition to hearing songs that I like, however, I also hear songs that I hate. Often, I keep the radio on during these songs and use the time while the song is playing to step away from the radio to check my computer. I take a look at the new topics trending on Twitter and at the new headlines that have popped up since I last checked them. I then see if one or more of these items will inspire any article ideas. Finally, I take a look at my list of article ideas and see if I can get an article started. Perhaps you also listen to the radio. You like many of the songs that you hear. There are some current songs, however, that get on your nerves. When you hear these songs, what do you do?

One common reaction when you hear a song that you hate is to say "I hate this song" to anyone within earshot. This reaction will get one of two responses. One way a person might respond is by agreeing or disagreeing with you. The two of you will then continue on with what you had been doing. The other possible response to "I hate this song" is that those around you will ignore you and say nothing. There are other ways to respond to a song that you hate, of course, other than saying something about it.

Another thing you might do is leave the room where the song is playing. Go to another room, and do something else, or step outside for a walk or a run. By the time you finish your activity, the song that you hate should be over. You might even get to hear a song that you love. There is also a third way to handle this situation.

Turn the radio off. Wait about five minutes, and then turn it back on. You might then hear a song that you like.

Consider these options the next time you hear a song that gets on your nerves. These are good ways to handle this situation that will keep you and others out of trouble.

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