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Work Place Bullying - The Hidden Industrial Disease
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Work Place Bullying   -   The Hidden Industrial Disease

Work place bullying is a hidden industrial disease that is wasting millions of dollars every year, and it will affect just under half of the adult population. Women are more likely to be bullied than men, and are also more likely to select a female target (71.3%).

Both men and women will bully, given the opportunity (60% are men and 40% women). Strangely men are not as sexist in their bullying (53.5% of targets are men).

It is interesting that most bullies operate alone (68%) at least in the beginning, they will often draw others in as time goes along. The biggest issue for the target is usually in identifying the fact that they are being victimized. This is due to the fact that the majority of targets are quiet well mannered individuals that just want to get on with their job.

Not all bosses are bullies but most bullies are bosses (72%). Most targets lose their jobs as a result of the bullying an amazing 77% against only 23% of bullies ever receiving any consequences for their actions.

The estimate for affected American workers is a staggering 28 Million. Just stop and think a minute about the staggering cost of that in terms of sick days, stress related leave and health issues created by the bullying!

So what are the signs that you may be a victim?

  • Your favourite activities and having fun with your family no longer has any appeal.
  • You start believing that it is you that provoked the cruelty in the workplace.
  • You attempt impossible tasks, such as a new job when you lack sufficient training and have no time to learn the new skills required, your boss considers your work is never good enough.
  • Your boss calls surprise meetings from which there is never any result, except for the humiliation poured on you.
  • Everything your tormentor does is apears to have no meaning, they are working a personal plan to undermine your employer's business interests.
  • You discover others at work have been told to stop working with you, talking to you, and even socializing with you.
  • You feel sick to the core each night before you start work, especially on Monday's.
  • Your family is insisting that you must stop obsessing about work at home.
  • You are too ashamed of the control excerted by the bully to even tell your partner or spouse.
  • Paid time off is spent as "mental health breaks" from your misery.
  • You are exhausted and lifeless especially on days off, your desire to do anything evaporated.
  • Anxiety and agitation, lead to an impending sense of doom, you are just waiting for bad things to happen.
  • You just want to be left alone to do your job without interference, but somehow that is impossible to arrange.
  • Other people are treated as justified if they scream or yell at you in front of others, but if you scream back you are punished.
  • Human Resources state that your harassment is not illegal, you are adults that have to "work it out between yourselves"...

Bullying creates a very stressful situation for both the target and their family with huge cost in terms of health days and other leave, not to mention the tension caused between family members which is phenomenal.

I must thank Gary and Ruth Namie both Phd's who have spent many years researching this topic and whose books contained the facts and statistics which I have used.

I am very interested in the experiences of others and am more than happy to answer any questions or comments that you wish to make here at Street Articles.

Street Talk

Thank you Cynthia, unfortunately it was writtten from a combination of experience and being on the wrong end of it just once too often. If I can help a few people spot it before it is too late the effort will have been well worth it. If I can start a revolt of the down trodden maybe we can make the world a decent place to live again?!

  about 1 decade ago

Good article! Too true, too. I had one VP who escalated to the point he even threatened to kill me. There were massive layoffs going on from the day I joined and I made the mistake of raising my hand when a few accounts were mentioned as desired (big ones) and proceeded to get meetings, progress, vendor status... projects... turns out he'd blundered there for years before causing that city's office to lose money and close. Didn't realize that 'til too late... man he sure made my life miserable...

  about 1 decade ago
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