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10 Lessons About Success Form The Lance Armstrong Story
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10 Lessons About Success Form the Lance Armstrong Story

Until last week when Lance Armstrong sat down with former chat host queen Oprah Winfrey, there were still many people who believed in Armstrong as the man who conquered cancer, set up Livestrong a successful charity and became the ultimate cycling champion by winning the Tour de France on an unprecedented seven occasions.

Now everyone knows what some had suspected that Armstrong’s success story was at least in part a sham, because while he was winning the Tour De France he was also involved in taking banned substances on a large scale to enhance his performance.

Many questions remain about what exactly what went on and the story is set to drag on for many months or even years. However, there are some interesting lessons to be learned about success from the Lance Armstrong saga which are relevant to us all.

1. Appearances can be deceptive.

Never waste time being envious of other people’s success. It’s not always what it seem.

2. Self-delusion is foolish

Whatever sort of success you want, whether it be sporting success, in your career, relationships ... don’t kid yourself. Self delusion is ultimately very self destructive.

3. Winning at all costs comes at a price

It’s great to have ambition and to be driven, committed, work hard and even put in that extra mile. But stay alert to the choices you make. Never go after success at any price. It could be extremely costly if you do.

4. Take responsibility for your choices

How often do you hear people make excises about choices they’ve made that haven’t turned out to be right? Part of being successful means taking responsibility for the choices you make – the good ones and the bad ones.

5. Your choices have an impact

We vary rarely act in isolation. So when you’re fighting for success remember that the choices you make don’t just affect you. You choices can have a far reach and even affect people you never know.

6. There's no excuse for bullying and intimidation

Bullying and intimidation should never be used to gain your success. Enough said.

7. Never justify poor behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour should never be part of your success and you should never seek to justify it to yourself or anyone else. That’s what kids do.

8. No one is invincible

You may think that you’re always right, you may think you can always do things better than others, you may even think you can’t fail. Get real. None of us are invincible and success is very rarely a lone activity.

9. You can’t control everything

You can have very clear goals and an idea of what success looks like, but that doesn’t mean you can control everything. The only control you can exert is over your own thoughts, choices and actions. On your way to success you'll also experience failures and disappointments.

10. Life isn’t always fair

So don’t waste time moaning about the fact that others might reach their success quicker than you or they may appear to have some sort of unfair advantage. There are few level playing fields in life. Do the very best with the tools and skills that you have.

It’s a shame that Lance Armstrong didn’t learn some of these lessons for himself.

Street Talk

Hi Beverley, you are a great writer, and I agree with you about the lessons we can learn from Lance Armstrong. I especially liked #10. Success that comes quickly may not always be good for the person who achieves success and for the people around them. Success that comes quickly often leads to failure. For instance, many movie stars die from drug and alcohol overdoses. Success that comes after hard work seems to last longer.

  about 7 years ago

Thanks for the compliment Sarah. It's very much appreciated.

  about 7 years ago
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