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3 Important Things That Will Improve You
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3 Important Things That Will Improve You

The reasons that someone is successful, man or woman, are many and varied.

The reasons run the full gamut from complete dumb luck, to being in the right place at the right time, to being highly educated and sought after, to providing something unique. You can probably add a half dozen more reasons I'm sure.

This article cannot possibly cover but an iota of information that may lead you to success. I am presuming that you do not fall into the category of dumb luck, but if you do, I wish you all the best, and wish I had your luck! are 3 things that you can do to improve your luck and if you are already well versed and fully capable in these 3 things then you have no need to continue reading. However, if you are likely one the very many thousands of people, just like me, that needs to work on one or more of these personal improvement areas, then read on. They are:

  • Typing
  • Speed Reading
  • Memory Improvement

Okay now, no groaning please, just read on...

If you cannot type and you use a keyboard for work or pleasure, or you would like to write but you find it too tedious to write, then you are doing yourself a complete disservice. What if you take much longer to do tasks at the keyboard or you just do not do them? Do yourself a huge favor and buy a typing course (you can get one on Amazon for under $40), practice it and within a month you will be typing like you have never typed before. The benefits are tremendous and will show up in your work and personal life. Not to mention the huge satisfaction you will have by accomplishing 40+ words per minute or even 60+. You will be wishing you had done years ago. All it takes is "right" practice.

When you read do you hear the little voice in your head leading you on, hesitating, rereading passages, etc. If you do, you are probably reading at 250 words per minute. I'll bet it takes you forever to read a book, or magazine. You probably stay clear of newspapers because they are too time consuming. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a speed reading book that will teach you how to read faster. You can easily triple your reading speed within a a few weeks. Even shorter if you accelerate your practice. The benefits are once again tremendous from both a business and personal stand point. Get rid of that voice in your head and start reading with your brain not your mouth. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but your eyes do not read, your brain does and it can read a whole lot faster than your mouth when it is trained to do so.

Lastly your memory...I got tired of hearing myself and other people say, "He always forgets", "I can never remember someones name", etc. I'm here to tell you, that with a little practice, you will be amazed at what you can remember, and of course you will never forget a name again, and it is easy to do. Just pick up one of Harry Loraynes memory books (or someone like Harry, it's just that he is one of the most famous and recognizable names in memory improvement). Once again the benefits are tremendous and it will not take long at all for you to see results and benefits. I can honestly state from experience that if I want to remember something now, I use one the many methods taught in his book and I absolutely do not forget...ever.

I hope you enjoyed these reminders of how easy it is to make a tremendous difference in your life with less than 6 months of effort, believe me, you will start to see a huge difference even within a month in all 3 categories. A difference that will last a lifetime!

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