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Affirmations That Can Help You Manifest The Law Of Success
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The law of success has enabled millions of people to live inspiring and fulfilling lives. There is no doubt that a lifestyle built on the premise of positivity yields great rewards for those who choose to live this way. But there is no such thing as an overnight success. The results a person receives from applying the principles of attraction may vary. Some results manifest sooner than others. A lot of people give up on the idea after a few days of trying.

One of the most efficient tools that can help you manifest positivity in your life is the use of positive affirmations. The prerequisite of success is belief. You have to believe before you achieve. If you’re belief is not at 100%, these affirmations may help you get there:

1. “I am healthy and happy.”

Health and happiness are among the most important goals one can hope for. In fact, many practitioners of the law of success prioritize these goals over financial and career goals. Maintain your personal health and happiness by using positive affirmations. Telling yourself that you’re healthy and happy encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle and prevents you from consuming vices that are commonly associated with depression like drugs and alcohol.

2. “I am getting wealthier each day.”

Hard work and determination are the primary prerequisites of wealth. However, it’s very hard to remain focused when you don’t get immediate results from your hard work and labor. You may lose your morale and decide to give up when the going gets tough. Positive affirmations that remind you of your progress are important to maintain your focus. Always remember that you need to maintain a positive attitude to manifest the law of success.

3. “My mind is calm.”

Insecurity, fear of failure and performance anxiety are mental obstacles that may be preventing the law of success from properly manifesting in your life. Regardless of your talent and ability, it’s hard to perform at a high level when you’re constantly plagued with self doubt. Positive affirmations can help you stay calm even in the most trying situations. When you’re beginning to lose your composure, just tell yourself, “My mind is calm.”

4. “My emotions are under my control.”

There are many situations in life that requires us to control our temper. Anger rarely resolves a situation. For the most part, expressions of anger have a tendency to escalate situations and make them worse. The law of success is all about positive emotions, thoughts and actions. Feelings such as anger, jealousy and envy tend to make us dwell in negativity. Prevent such feelings with positive affirmations that can help you keep your emotions under control.

5. “I radiate love and happiness.”

No one wants to be lonely. Unfortunately, not everyone lives a lifestyle that allows for a lot of social interaction. There are times when you have to do things that you enjoy by yourself. Some people just choose not to go to the movies or have dinner out instead of doing these activities alone. Don’t fall into this trap. With the help of a few positive affirmations, you can go out by yourself and have a great time! The law of success can only manifest if you allow it to. The more happiness and love you radiate, the more people would be interested in meeting you. Who knows who you might meet at a restaurant when you go there? Chances are you might find yourself an instant date!

The law of success is founded on personal belief. But belief is not an easy thing to achieve. People have different means to establish this belief. Some test themselves by constantly taking on new challenges, while others obsessively prepare before the challenge even comes. Positive affirmations are a big part of this process. Confidence and belief have to be built through time. You can’t go from never competing in a marathon before to believing that you can finish a 10 kilometer race. You have to build towards that reality by training every day, pushing yourself with new challenges and telling yourself that you can do it.

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