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Believe In You!
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Believe In You!

Belief is what makes the world go round. One thing that I have learned this year is that what you think about you bring about, whether it is good or bad doesn't matter. So one of the things that I did for myself was create a positive affirmation statement:

"I know that no matter what happens at home, at work, in life I can succeed in anything that I believe I can; and I believe that I can succeed in anything!"

I have met, and had the opportunity, to be surrounded by the best people I have ever had the pleasure to work with and know. I will keep myself surrounded by these people, along with any and every other positive, motivational, and driven person that I can find. My reasoning is that if I surround myself with these people and I keep my frame of mind positive, and believing that no matter what I want I can and will accomplish it!

I know that everyone can and should do the same. If you think that you can and you will, well, you will. It goes all the way back to being a little kid and reading the story of the little engine that could. Yes, I know that you all know what I am talking about. It just goes to show you that without even realizing it you have made many things happen for yourself.

So if you can make good things happen to yourself, then why wouldn't it work the same the other way? That's right! Just maybe if you think the good things and they happen, then why not those bad things you think about happen because of you too? I know, I thought it was crazy at first too; but after I sat back and really kept track of my thoughts, I found that I was really thinking a lot of things that were negative. I realized that I needed to retrain the way that I thought.

It has not been easy, and I still find myself thinking negative thoughts, but I have noticed that positive thinking does change your life! I has definitly changed mine, I have gone from stressed out, very poor, and working harder than I needed to; to finally getting ahead, and having a much happier home.

I am also a firm believer that not only can I do anything that I put my mind to, so can anyone that really believes that they can!

In closing:Those of you who read these words, just remember if you have childlike faith and belief, you can too, make any dream come true!


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