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Chasing Your Desires
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Chasing Your Desires

What does it mean to have a desire to be or do something?

Is it your soul purpose? Or is it just a form of hunger for more?

Whatever label you give it, we all have desires.

Some people may say that they do not have a desire to be or do anything because thinking out of desire, may cause them to feel that they are being unappreciative of what they already have.

This is may be true, however if you ask those people if what they have or are doing now with their lives is what they enjoy and love, they will give you a bunch of stories about issues and circumstances that make them feel miserable and unfulfilled and cause them not to have what they really want.

I found that having a desire can be very good but also a bad thing for some people.

People can desire to be great in any area of their lives that they choose; Desire is the fuel that keeps us on the road to success.

Without desire you will have no motivation at all, to have a desire means that your heart wants something, and you can get it.

If you really want to, most people say they desire to be rich.

While you may think this is something you desire you, will be shocked to hear that this is far from what you desire, in fact when you have a desire it can never be material.

What we truly desire is created within us as a burning passion to excel in a certain sport, hobby or any activity that your heart is yearning for.

This makes you wonder if what you are doing in your life right now, is something you think you desire to do or just want to do.

When you desire to do something it becomes effortless to perform that thing but if you are experiencing struggle as you try to accomplish a goal and you just find that you cannot be doing this thing for the rest of your life then it is not your desire.

Like me for example, I’m a student and what I love to do every day after school is skateboard.

It is something I think about all day every day, while I’m in class and on the bus back home and as soon as I am back at home, I take my skateboard and I go out to skate with my friends.

I feel at ease and in complete alignment with what I desire because that’s just how skateboarding makes me feel and I am extremely happy when I’m doing it.

I don’t see myself doing anything else but skating for the rest of my life even though my current circumstances don’t allow me to totally immerse myself completely in the sport.

I will always find myself reassuring my mind that I can only be my true self when I am expressing my self through skateboarding.

It doesn’t make me who I am and it never will, it’s just like any other activity that we perform and we feel that it is something that brings joy and love into our life.

So that is what I take as being a desire, the choice to do something that brings you enjoyment.

If you are wondering what your true heart’s desire is, then here’s a simple question you should ask yourself?

What would I love to do; if there were no restrictions or obstacles?

If you can answer this question, with the feeling that deep inside you really want that thing, then you have uncovered a bit more about knowing what you true heart’s desire is.

I may not be an expert on knowing how to find what you want in life, but I do know one thing, and that is when you find out what your true heart’s desire is you will be well on your way to a more fulfilled life, full of wealth and never ending fun!

Thank you for reading.

Street Talk

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