How To Be Successful In Anything
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How to Be Successful In Anything

Do you realize that you have the power and the ability to be successful in anything you want to accomplish in life?

Ever heard of the law of attraction?

Yes, I know, everybody is talking about the law of attraction and you might have tried it and saw that it didn't work for you.

Why do you think that is?

Mainly because you don't understand it completely.

I like to refer to the law of attraction as the law of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

I did not think this up myself, I just read allot of Ernest Holmes' books. They are amazing and you can read them if you are interested in changing your life around completely.

In short:

You know about the law of gravity where everything that moves from a higher point to an opening is drawn to the ground, like if you would jump out of a plane (with a parachute of course).

Funny thought here: Isn't it interesting how bread with butter always lands with the buttered side to the ground? Or the bread with the chocolate spread will land, right on the spread?

Now, let's take a baby for instance. This baby does not know about the law of gravity and does not believe in the law of gravity either. What happens if this baby goes over the edge of the bed?

Will the fact that this baby doesn't know about the law of gravity keep this baby in the air?

Sorry, no.

The same with the law of cause and effect. Whether you believe in it or not and whether you know about it or not - it is playing a role in your life every single day.

Think about a magnet for a while. When you have a big magnet and a piece of metal and you put the piece of metal close to the magnet. The natural reaction of the magnet will be to draw the piece of metal towards it. While this piece of metal is moving towards the magnet, can you see the vibration between the metal and the magnet, the drawing power? Or does it look like empty space to your bare eyes?

The fact that you can't see the magnet's rays doesn't mean they don't exist.

In this same way, when you think, thoughts are being sent out as vibrations. The fact that you don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist. And if you don't believe in them, it doesn't mean that it doesn't affect your life.

It is inside you

Inside you is a massive power that can make or break your dreams and desires to be successful.

All you have to do is realize how powerful the thoughts and words you send out is and how it affects your life.

If you are more interested in learning all about the law of cause and effect, you can read the books of Ernest Holmes, Creative mind and creative mind and success are just two of the many awesome books he published.

If you want them, type into Google: PDF by Ernest Holmes. Look for the ones with the small [PDF] sign next to them. When you click on them, the download will begin immediately. Save and read.

Other great books to read on this subject is The power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, The game of life and how to play it by Florence Shovel Shin and Prosper by Charles Fillmore.

(You can search for the PDF's as well)

How to be successful in anything

The best you can do for yourself is to read these books, the subject is so huge and for you to understand it in detail is going to take more than just one article.

But in short, for you to start changing your life today is to start changing how you think and what you think about.

Take control of your thoughts.

If you think, I don't have enough money - Change it to I am supplied abundantly for all my needs.

If you think, I can't do this ( a specific task) - Change it to I can do all things my heart desires.

If you think, I'm a failure in everything I try to do - Change it to I'm a success in everything I do and I can accomplish anything my heart desires.

I know, you won't believe what you are saying, just because you don't see it yet. But if you can change your thoughts and take control over the negative thought and change it to a positive one, just 51% - you will tip the scales.

Don't say it once and then expect everything to change immediately - just like anything in life, this takes practice.

In our lives

Just a little personal story to keep you motivated:

Just recently, we had a time in our life where we did not have money and none of us (me and my hubby) had a job.

As you know, no money - no food.

I have read the books of Ernest Holmes and believed everything I learned from it.

But now it took more than just believing, it took practice.

When you open the fridge or freezer it is not easy to tell it that there is food in it and money for food if it is contrary to what you see. But I continued to tell the fridge: you are filled, even now, with bounty and all my needs are supplied.

It took about 3 months of standing and keeping on saying it, not looking at the circumstances, but saying it with the knowing that it will be filled.

Then (out of the blue), my husband got a job.

Next time I'll write a little more on the law of cause and effect.

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