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How To Deal With Failure
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How to Deal With Failure

How to deal with rejection?

Why did you get rejected?

Does this rejection have a certain meaning?

Does rejection mean that "You are a failure"

Some of these question maybe going through your head and I assure you that you are not the only person on this earth that has been rejected.

Your not the first and most certainly wont be the last :-D!Recognize that you are living on a planet with seven billion other people who are not perfect!I recognize this "flaw" to be very common amongst people. This desire to always be seen in a good light and never being talked about, or criticized causes many people to be afraid to take risks or venture into the unknown.

The unknown this imaginary scary place where all the bad things in life happen to us, and us alone. Whether you become a social outcast or are rejected by the man/woman of your dreams.The funny thing about the unknown is..... It Is Unknown!We don't know what will happen when we strive towards something we may fall flat on our face ORwe may succeed and surprise ourselves.

Basically my desire is for you(my readers) to become comfortable with FAILING. Yes thats right IT IS OKAY to FAIL. It means you are human.

See now don't you feel better.Now on to how you deal with rejection/failure.

I've noticed one thing about successful people that differs from unsuccessful and unhappy people.

Successful people are not afraid to take risk....Why? Because they have learned how to deal with failure.

Unsuccessful people sit around worrying about failure because they have not learned how to deal with it, or they have this unrealistic view of reality that makes them believe that they or other people are supposed to be PERFECT.NOBODY IS PERFECT, we were not put on this planet to be perfect....Im sorry if you believe this but you are wrong, but thats okay cause your not PERFECT. We were put on this planet to experience life(or that is my belief).

Now onto dealing with rejection or fear of failure.

1st. Everyone fails! Understand this, good looking people.... fail, Tall people..... fail, rich people...... fail(a great example of this is Donald Trump, he has gone bankrupt multiples and always finds a way to bounce back).

2nd Understand why you were rejected. If you ask out a girl/boy and they reject you, understand that that is their own personal feelings about you, it is not a universal belief. A lot of time we tend to overemphasize the opinions of others.

3rd. Learn how to handle criticism both destructive and constructive. Sorry but the world we live in is not a nice one nor is a perfect one, we must learn how to take both negative and positive opinions and make them work for us.

*If someone dislikes you for some reason, accept it as it is and learn to live with the fact that you can not please everyone*

4th Build your own self esteem! I've recognized something during this journey in my life that no one lives in your head but YOU. You Must.....And I mean Completely Must..... become your best friend. We can not afford to leave our self esteem in the hands of others.

The belief of being perfect is just simply ridiculous, you must be willing to accept who you are as a human being, and find out what is special about yourself. Remember there will never be another you, there will never be another person as funny, as special or as loving as you can be.Please Please!! Don't waste your gift in fear, You Are Far To Great For That.

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