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Key Success Factors: What Can We Learn From Kate Middleton
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Key Success Factors: What Can We Learn From Kate Middleton

I'm not usually taken by the famous royals. But Kate Middleton seems to be an exception. Since I write a lot about success factors, I analyzed what could be the key to her success and I think I found it. In this article I will discuss the Kate Middleton phenomenon and what it can teach us about the key to success.

Kate Middleton appears (Yes, I admit that I don't know for sure!) to be self confident, simple and genuine. She seems friendly and smiles a lot.

What does that have to do with success as we know it?

A lot for sure!

Napoleon Hill, the author of the famous book Think and Grow Rich wrote about 17 principles of success. One of them stroke me because of its simplicity and it seems to explain why so many people are enthusiastic about Kate Middelton.

One of the principle is: “Assemble an attractive personality

Our personality is our greatest asset. It controls our mind, our body, our soul. So it bequeath us the realization that we must pay a special attention to it.

A positive mental attitude, and a pleasing personality not only helps us attract people and influenced them favorably, it also facilitates the effortless attraction of what we want into our lives.

There are lot of things that are recommended for those on the path to success. But a lot of them may be out of our control. That's not the case with developing a pleasing attitude. We can guide, organize and control our mental attitude to present a pleasing personality all the time.

In The Prosperity Secret of the Ages, author Catherine Ponder talks about the fact that joy and beauty are two qualities that we must cultivate along the way to success. She even goes as far as saying that “if you do not make [beauty and joy] a required part of your “before success” equipment. You may never reach your goal. Even if you do, it can be a grim and totally dissatisfying journey, and whatever success you attain without beauty and joy will be hard to hold. The soul instinctively craves his divine heritage of joy and beauty and is attracted to and fed by beauty and joy wherever he finds them".

Joy inflences our demeanor. Joy has an attracting power, "whereas moodiness, discouragement and a negative disposition always have a repelling power". We avoid complaining, whining people and are instinctively drawn to beautiful, pleasant people.Joy and beauty are very pleasing keys to success that don't really cost a lot of money.

Isn't that a simple key to success? For some it might require extra efforts, but I believe it's well worth it.

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