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Know Thy Self
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As human beings we rarely identify and correct our faults you could say we look in the mirror and although we see our reflection our eyes envision something completely different and are true thoughts clouded, what we see is a mirage.

We look to others for validation we look to them to fill us with that belief, the faith and the confidence we lack in ourselves. This road inevitably will not take us to our destination but in fact deter us from our journey to success.

The word determination has a simple translation yes, it is the act of making or arriving at a decision and sticking to it which makes it difficult even though eventually worthwhile.

Change is something that has no time limit its only matter of time before we find ourselves having to adjust, sometimes when we're not ready and most of the time when we just don't want to. You cannot escape change so why not create a change within yourself, why not become your own mentor, why not diagnose your problem's and work to better them just like how you would work hard to master your craft.

To me that is self-improvement, when you take note of your actions and make a conscious decision never to repeat the same mistakes again. Many different people can give you the advice you make think you need and try to inject confidence into you but the old' saying goes you cannot help someone unless they want to help themselves.

Progress begins with you and a part of progress means being surrounded by the right people who share the same interests and the same thirst for success, if you are around motivational people you will be less likely to fall back into the same bad habits and move backwards instead of forward. Positive thoughts encourage positive actions, Set targets and everyday work hard towards achieving those targets. 

People frequently make the mistake into thinking that being half-hearted and giving only 50% will have the same outcome as someone whom gives their whole heart and 100%, but in reality that is false, it's the passion and commitment that one possesses which will allow them to progress and achieve their goals. Be certain of what you want to do and do not allow yourself to get sidetracked or fall off because time is of the essence. The key is self belief, enough self belief causes self improvement.

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." James Allen 

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