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Lance Armstrong: From Success To Failure
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Lance Armstrong: From Success to Failure

Introduction Lance Armstrong used to be a bicycling champion because he "won" six Tour de France awards from 1999-2005. However, he has been suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs. The Tour de France director, Pat McQuaid, announced in a press conference he is no longer the winner of the Tour de France for those years. Therefore, few people would say he is a great cyclist.

My Reaction I felt bad for Lance Armstrong from success to failure, because he motivated people who struggle with cancer. I thought his achievements as a cyclist were amazing considering his previous battle against cancer. I was stunned a man who had been an advocate for cancer research would use drugs to try to win championships. The Livestrong Foundation helps people who are dealing with cancer and helps fund cancer research.

Other Athletes Who Got in Trouble Other athletes have suffered as a result of using performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately, lots of athletes were accused of cheating at sports, either by using steroids or by other means.

In baseball, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were competing for home run records. Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs in 1998, and after he retired in 2001, he admitted he used steroids. He and Sammy Sosa, who later admitted to using steroids, were competing as to who would hit the most home runs that year. Therefore, it spoiled their reputations as being among the best baseball hitters in history.

A runner, Marion Jones, won five medals at the Olympic Games in 2000, and she lost those medals as a result of announcing in October 2007 that she used steroids. As a result, she was suspended and retired from track and field.

Athletes cheated in other ways. Tonya Harding, a skater, conspired with her ex-husband to attack Nancy Kerrigan so she could win medals. The basketball team from Spain competed in the 2000 Paralympics in the “intellectual disability” category even though the majority of the players were normal.

Motivated to Win I feel differently about Lance Armstrong, because he fought cancer and set up a famous health-related charity to spread awareness of the need for cancer research. In 1996, he was I used to think, if he can overcome cancer to win bicycle races, achievement of goals are not impossible if they develop self confidence and are motivated to reach their goals. I personally let God guide me with goals because that keeps me going when I face obstacles. Now I realize Lance Armstrong was flawed, and yet, his fame had been used to help other people. In a way, he was too motivated to win. He used performance-enhancing drugs to win championships.

All of the above scandals were instances of cheating at sports. These incidents were done by people who were highly motivated to win games or to become champions. It is okay to be motivated and to have goals, but not when it includes cheating. Achievement of goals is possible without hurting yourself or hurting other people. Incidences of cheating happen not only in sports, but also in the business sector. We have heard of incidents of insider trading and about people who take credit for other people’s ideas. That is done by people who want to make lots of money or to take credit for helping a business to make money.

Conclusion Some people are driven and they cheat in order to win either in sports or in business. Unfortunately, many incidences of cheating hurt other people. People who cheat lose respect from other people. Lance Armstrong from success to failure is a sad story.

The fact he successfully battled cancer was already amazing. In 1996, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which had spread to his lungs and to his brain. By December that year, the doctors said he was free of cancer. He had competed for the Tour de France before his cancer diagnosis. He won some bicycle races for the Tour de France in 1993 and in 1995.

In 1997, after his intense battle with cancer, he became co-the founder of the Livestrong Foundation. The foundation provides information to people who are dealing with cancer. Then he started competing for the Tour de France. He was a famous cyclist, and now he is no longer considered to be a cycling champion.

He probably would have won some races for the Tour de France without using drugs. The Tour de France is made up of multiple stages or races. However, there is no way to know he might have won some races in the years of 1999 to 2005 without using drugs. He had definite goals and objectives for his race. He would compete in other bike races prior to “winning” the Tour de France in 1999.

You can set goals and objectives for yourself. When you develop self confidence, you are able to work toward your goals. I have goals and objectives also. My goal is to become a licensed social worker and to work with Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. That is a big achievement, because I have not been in school for several years.

To meet that goal, I have objectives. Before I can reach that goal, I set objectives. For example, I am applying to graduate school. Other objective is to continue to encourage people through my blog. My blog helps me achieve that goal because I do research when I write articles and post in my blog.

Street Talk

While it is a sad story, my issue is with the testing. If you pass, you pass, but wait, not in cycling. If you pass you fail in that sport. Just do not get it. Two wrongs now equal a right. hmmm Good article!

  about 9 years ago

He might have been able to win without using performance-enhancing medicine. It is sad so many athletes feel it is necessary to use those kinds of medication to win games and to get recognition from the general public.

  about 9 years ago
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