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Laws Of Success In Life – What Are The Top 3 Laws You Should Know?
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Laws of Success in life – What Are The Top 3 Laws You Should Know?

In life there are laws that govern what we do even if we are not aware of them (for instance the law of gravity). It's the same thing for those on the path to success. There are laws of success. Of course, it's better for us if we are familiar with them and apply them more consciously. That will shortened the time it takes us to achieve the success we want. There are many laws, but in this article I will summarize what I think are the top 3 laws of success in life that everyone should know.

1. The Law of Expectations We usually think about what we want several times a day if we are focused. But what is even more important is to be aware of what we expect. Because “whatever you “expect” with confidence and determination will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. The Law Of Belief “Whatever you believe with feelings, becomes your reality”. This sounds simple. It's however complicated by the fact that most of the time our beliefs are unconscious. There are the results of what we were told or what we heard when we were children. We must ensure then that our beliefs in the present time are congruent with what we want. If there are not, we will sabotage ourselves or even self-destruct on the way to success.

3. The Law of Attraction By now, everybody has heard about the book and the movie, The Secret. The law of attraction is a major law that we need to know in order to be successful in achieving our goals. This law states that we attract in our lives what is similar to our dominant thoughts. Like attracts like. This means that we have to be careful and watch our thoughts constantly so we don't let negative thoughts (the contrary of what we want) be the focus. In addition, our focused thoughts must be accompanied by intense feelings for what we want.

These 3 laws of success are essential because if we are not aware of them, it's probable that we will be distracted on our path to success or that it will take us so long to achieve success that we will get discouraged and give up.

Of course there are more than 3 laws of success. But I believe that if you are someone who gets easily overwhelmed, it's possible to focus on observing these 3 laws of success and you will be closer to achieving your wishes and goals.

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very interesting and very real!

  about 8 years ago
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