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Money, The Almighty Dollar, And The Poor Mans Dream
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Money is what makes the world go round, everybody knows that, money is what puts food into our bellies, money is what helps keep a roof over our heads, without money you might aswell be dead, becasue believe it or not without money you aint much use to your kids, to your wife, or even to yourself. Why is the almighty dollar so important to us, well the answer to that is because without it no one will even acknowledge your existance, no matter how good a person you maybe, in this world or rather in todays world a poor man is worse than a dead man, because at least you dont have to see a dead man every day , but a poor man people will avoid him like the plague, just incase he ask's you for something, welcome to the world of today my friend.

So the question then arises how does a poor man achieve his dream and not be poor any more,well surprisingly the answer to that question is fairly simple. You stop becoming poor when, you actually realsie that you heve something of value in your life, something that if used properly could make you a very rich man or woman indeed.

Now what is this something you ask that can turn a poor, no hoper,useless, not wanted object into a world beating machine of success. The answer is your brain, yes you heard correctly, you see our brains are magnificent things they are the source of our greatest achievements ever, our brains if we use them correctly can gives us the answers to anyhing, can they make a poor man rich? without a shadow of a doubt they can, but this is where the difference lies between a poor man and a rich man, You must use your brain correctly.

What do i mean you must use your brain correctly , well in a nutshell it means you must focus your attention on finding something that you are very good at it could be anything, you may be good with children, or you maybe good with old people, or your talent may lie with you being a genius at maths,or whatever your talent maybe and focussing on your talent wholey and souley and then making a plan to use your talent for the benefit of people you will find that money will soon slowley but surely follow you.

Now you have to be honest with yourself, i know everyone in the world is good at something infact i would go as far as to say everyone who is alive today is a genius at something, no matter how trivial or small your genius may seem to you, to someone else who may need your help, in your field of expertise, you will be the value of gold to them. But this is where the rich man and poor man seperate, the rich man will find, and seek those that are after his knowledge, where as a poor man, will sit back and convince himself, that he is of no use to anyone, basically procastinating once again, The real deal is You must kill your doubts about your ability, you must find those who need your expertise, you must seek those who need your expertise, and then you will open the tap of wealth in your back garden.

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Very interesting concept and I guess it is also about believing in your yourself? Which is the first big hurdle one has to break.

  about 1 decade ago
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