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Scared Of Success? How To Stop The Madness
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Scared Of Success?  How To Stop The Madness

This article discusses the problem that we face when we are scared of success and then present a solution that is easy to implement although some guidance may be needed.

One of the first thing that happens when on the road to being successful is that we struggle with self doubt. Being scared of success is generally due to self-doubt.

Why do we doubt ourselves? Most of the time it's because of lacks of self-worth, self-esteem, and/or self-confidence. Note that all these factors have to do with the self. So most of the time our solution is to see a psychologist.

Certainly, reaching for help through a psychologist can have its merit for some people. However, because I was in analysis for a very long time without seeing any success, I don't believe that for people like me, the answer to this problem of being scared of success lies in pouring out and analyzing our feelings with the help of a psychologist. Based on my experience, there is a much more effective solution which is cheaper too.

The solution is to be active in some type of spiritual development path and stick with it.

Why do I say that? Because once again, following my own experience, it's only when I engaged myself on a spiritual path that I saw very quick results in my quest to being successful. It took me months instead of years to reach my goal.

Of course, the length of time will depend on your level of consciousness, your willingness to make efforts in growing and accepting yourself and in how well you stick to the spiritual path you have chosen.

Being engaged in developing yourself spiritually means that you make the commitment to live in accordance with your higher self or your soul. In a world that is very materialistic and where we are bombarded with negative news and thoughts all the time, it's not an easy task.

Being actively committed to growing spiritually every day means that you are willing to cultivate qualities such as love, well-being, inner peace, personal power and self-respect.

Creating those states is a matter of paying attention and making the right choice to think only empowering thoughts. You have to develop the witness within yourself and strive to watch all your thoughts all the time.

Of course it's not easy. If it was, we would all be peaceful and happy and the world would be a much better place.

But it's worth making the effort in order to be successful because having the qualities I have mentioned above of inner peace, personal power and self-respect are usually a natural side effect of being actively on a spiritual path, whether it's Kabbalah, Buddhism, shamanism, etc. If you notice, a large portion of the actors who are successful in their careers and happy in their family lives and making millions are on a spiritual path; Madonna with Kabbalah; Richard Gere and Tina Turner with Buddhism.

This solution practically guarantees you will no longer be scared of success.

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