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Secrets Of Super-Effective Cover Letters
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Job seekers usually make the mistake of relegating cover letters to the background. I have gone through so many applicants’ resume packages that contain no cover letters, what a big mistake. At an instant, it is the cover letter that you are supposed to use to grab the reader’s attention and hook him to start thinking of having a look at your CV or resume.

Your cover letter summarizes what the potential employer should be expecting from you, it is the gateway to your skills and abilities. It gives the interviewer a glimpse of who you are. Cover letters are tools you should use to market yourself first before the main interview. I believe that a badly written cover letter spells doom to the owner because the chances of your being invited for the interview proper are slim.

Let us look at some of the secrets of super effective cover letters: a) There must be passion in your writing: you should craft your cover letter in such a way that immediately someone starts reading your cover letter his mind will start telling him to consider inviting this applicant for the next step of the interview. This passion tells the interviewer that you have something in stock for them. Employers are always looking for those that will add value to their organizations.

b) Always remember to focus your cover letter on what the employer stands to gain from employing you. Before considering hiring anyone for a job opening, the employer is looking for someone that is coming to join the company to contribute his quota in a positive way to the organization. It therefore means that your cover letter must at a glance reveal that stuff that you are bringing to the company that others lack.

c) Always try as much as possible to address your cover letters to real human beings in the organization. Though this can be tough sometimes especially when you know nothing about the company, but with internet and other media you can achieve it with a little research and diligence.

d) The HR person going through your cover letter does not expect you to present him with a very lengthy material; therefore keep your cover letter short and simple. The resume is there for you to say all the remaining stuff.

e) In that short letter, you are expected to achieve many things: one very important thing that applicants neglect in their cover letters is to request that the employer should give him the opportunity to present themselves for the interview proper. Use the cover letter to sway the HR person to your side. It is a part of the game.

f) Finally, show that you have presented an irresistible account of yourself and the evidence of your being the best for the job by telling him that you are expecting to be at the interview. You should show confidence on your short presentation and never do anything that will show otherwise.

If you do not know, know it now, your cover letter is a sales letter you are using to sell a product which is you, and that in order to market yourself properly your sales letter must be convincing enough to sway buyers to your side. Always remember many sales letters you have seen in the past and how you reacted on seeing a badly written one. It is the same with your cover letter, and to worsen the situation, the job market of today is saturated.

I can authoritatively tell you that the major tool that will enable you strategically place your foot on the company door in order to have a chance of landing that job is your cover letter.

Finally take good care of your cover letter and it will take good care of your job hunt.

Austin Okonji

Street Talk

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