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Success And You
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Success And You

Success is something that EVERYONE!!!! wants right? Most people define success as "achievements" or having everything you could possibly want such as: That dream home you always wanted, that cool car, or maybe even a ton of money. Too many people check the items off their success list only to find that they still feel exactly how they felt before. It isn't just enough to achieve it but you must feel success or you wind up with empty success.

Everyone seems to strive to be successful in life, But what is Success? What makes you Successful and what makes you a Failure? Many times we tend to focus our minds on material things to consider ourselves to be successful, now I am not saying that there is something wrong with wanting nice things, but isn't success so much more than that? what about setting short term and long term goals and achieving them? what about happiness and enjoying life? Sometimes we get so caught up in the material things and the problems comes when we so those material objects as the ultimate goals and the very symbol of success and we allow it to confirm whether we made it in life or not. For this reason many people look to others to confirm to themselves if they are doing very well or if they are successful or not.

There were many times I have felt like a failure in life because I had tried so many programs, get rich quick schemes to define my success and fail at everytime. I thought it would come overnight I had lost so much money by trying to be successful just so I could have material things, and when it didn't happen for me I cried everyday, I lost sleep, and for the most part of it I beat myself up everday because I felt like such a failure. Over the years as I started reading self improvement materials, clearing audios, and invested in books to help me become successful, I realized one thing when I was trying to reach success I wasn't ready for it there was so much more that I needed to work on to gain the success that I was in search of. So the big question What Is Success? It's setting long term goals and achieving them to have happiness, and a life of abundance, success starts within you believing in yourself and I can't stress enough having faith that you can achieve anything your heart desires. Success is being persistent and never giving up no matter what obsticales come your way, sometimes we allow obsticales prevent us from believing that we can achieve success, but you must keep your faith and keep pushing and know that it is just a test. Keep moving towards your dreams and goals patience and actions will lead to success, know what you want, visualize having the success you desire, How does it feel? Would you vacate with your family? Would you dress differently? Get in this feeling now because as long as you BELIEVE!!!

you will achieve success. Success is YOU!!!!!!

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