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Success Factors: What Is The Foundation For Success?
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Success Factors: What Is The Foundation For Success?

Some well-known success factors are self-confidence, self-esteem, persistence, resiliency, commitment. Most of us are aware of these success factors but nevertheless we may struggle with having the success we want. In this article, I will discuss why we may have problems achieving these success factors and what the solution might be.

First, let's define what real success is. Indeed, my own definition of success might be different than yours but at least having a general definition will allow me to have a basis to present what I think is the foundation of personal success.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

If happiness is the key to success, how do we stay in a state of happiness, be happy or become happier all the time when you may be struggling everyday with bills, relationship problems, stress at work among other things?

Most of the time, when we have problems, we do not have the proactive reaction of going to our strength: our resiliency, patience, commitment, optimism. Instead, we focus on our problems by thinking about them frequently. This is a huge mistake because since thoughts of a certain nature attract thoughts that are alike, we produce in our reality more of the same which translate to more problems.

The solution is to embark on spiritual development quest, or to intensify our spiritual connections on a daily basis. Why? Because by doing so, we learn, in the process, to develop not only the success factors of self-confidence, resiliency, persistence, etc. but we also learn to Be in a permanent state of happiness no matter what our external conditions are.

Learning to be in a permanent state of happiness is the foundation of success because by being that way most of the time, we remain in a state of high vibration and we are then able to attract whatever we want to us.

To remain in a state of high vibration is certainly not easy sometimes. But what does it mean to be in a state of high vibration? Vibration is the quality or state of being resonant. Being resonant means that we have to match the essence of what we desire to achieve. So to be happy most of the time, you have to develop the habit of having happy thoughts, feelings, emotions. This can be a very difficult goal for some people. In a nutshell, it's a matter of being aware of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and learning how to switch them to more positive ones.

That is why when we consciously strive to be more spiritual in life, it becomes easier to achieve those states. When we develop an intimate relationship with our inner guide and the Creator, we become masters of all the success factors that are important to us.

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