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Telecommuting Will Be Around For Years To Come
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Telecommuting Will Be Around For Years to Come

How long have work at home opportunities been in existence? If most people knew that the major companies hired people to telecommute, would they lose respect for these companies? These are questions that I asked myself while determining if it would be a stable industry to enter.

How long has work from home opportunities existed? I asked this question simply because I was mad that I didn’t get in on it sooner! Can you blame me? I think not. Anyway, to answer the question, work at home opportunities have been around forever. The evolving of technology has only mad working at home more possible. In fact, most small businesses begin in the home environment. For example, do you remember the Cosby Show? Cliff’s office was in the house. That was in the 1980’s, and people have been working from home far before then. They didn’t just draw that concept up out of the blue.

If all of society knew that businesses were functioning with their employees working from home, would they lose respect for these companies? Would it pose a problem, if everyone knew that, every time they called Customer Service the person they were speaking to was working from their home office? If the customer was in a good mood, and everything was going their way, it would not matter. However, as soon as you tell them something they don’t want to hear, all hell would break loose. I know from experience lol. I had a guy call in, and I don’t think I made it pass “Hello”. He was so irate. I don’t remember much about that call (I was trying hard to forget lol), but I do recall him saying “you are probably one of those people working from home”.

Depending on what degree that business is being conducted outside of a physical office building, companies can continue to be successful in hiring people to work from home. Society, unfortunately, is not very accepting to the ways of the world. Take the University of Phoenix, for example, there degrees are not as respected as a degree from UCLA. Although, UCLA offers degrees (courses) online, it’s assumed that one obtained their degree from the physical campus. There is a stigma attached to the University of Phoenix. The same goes for companies that employ individuals to work for home. Why, would we rather they outsource these jobs overseas (where they are probably working from home as well)? If so, we would only complain about that to. As the saying goes: you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Entrepreneurship and/or working from home allows most to achieve what they desire. Telecommuting is beneficial from both an employee and employer standpoint. Telecommuting saves on commuting cost, allows work-life balance and stay at home moms are enabled to earn a living while saving on day care expenses. From an employer standpoint, they can save on overhead and have a happier staff. With the many benefits of telecommuting, why is American Society so closed-minded? Maybe our closed mindedness has the country in the state that it’s in today. Telecommuting provides jobs here in America, instead of outsourcing these positions overseas, which is something that I am all for.

Work at home positions have been around for a long time. Technology has enhanced the opportunities to work from home. Businesses can continue to be successful by allowing people to telecommute. Telecommuting benefits employees and employers and work at home opportunities will increase even more in the years to come.

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