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Unexpected Dangers In The Comfort Zone
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Unexpected Dangers In the Comfort Zone

The very word comfort zone conjures up a picture of warmth, ease, comfort, stress free place and therefore it’s hardly surprising that many people choose to spend a great deal of their life operating within their comfort zone. However, as nice as that may sound, many people are unaware of the unexpected dangers in the comfort zone, that can actually have a surprisingly negative effect on your life and success.

Complacency : Deciding to stay in your comfort zone can if you’re not careful lead you to being very complacent. It feels nice and comfortable, you know where you are... but that’s not a place where you will achieve success. Success comes from pushing yourself and taking risks.

Dissatisfaction: Although operating inside your comfort zone may appear nice you can actually find that it leads to feelings of dissatisfaction, particularly if you witness other people doing well for example at work and you realise that you’re not simply because you decided to play it safe.

Procrastination: If you’re busy trying to maintain the status quo of your comfort zone then you’ll find yourself procrastinating over making decisions or implementing change. This is turn will lead you to feeling stuck as you don’t make the progress you should.

Stress: It probably sounds like a complete anomaly to suggest that operating within your comfort zone may be stressful but it can be. You may experience pressures from work colleagues or family to do things that you’re reluctant to be involved in and resisting that pressure can be difficult. You can also put pressure on yourself if you become aware that you’re not doing things

Laziness: It’s not just procrastinating that is a danger of operating inside your comfort zone, but it may also encourage you to adopt a lazy attitude to all sorts of things. The problem with a laissez faire attitude to things is that it can grow and grow and become a habit that is hard to break. Operating outside your comfort zone is challenging and prevent you from being lazy.

Boredom: Yes – it can be incredibly boring to operate within your comfort zone. You keep life simple, you don’t take risks because you’re worried either about your ability to handle a situation or you worry about the outcome. However, a life without some good stress is a boring one. The most successful people are the people who are prepared to take risks.Une

Sense of failure: Staying in your comfort zone does not stop you from failing something or from experiencing a sense of failure and that’s why it make sense if you’re seeking success is to be a risk taker. You might still fail, but you will have tried and you can try again until you achieve the success you want.


Your natural comfort zone may feel like a very cosy place to inhabit and where you want to spend the majority of your life. However, if you’re not careful it can be a place that is boring, stressful and dispiriting as you realise that you haven’t achieved some of the success in life that you want and that stepping out of your comfort zone and being prepared to be a risk taker is a better option. Even if you’re not ready to toss your comfort zone aside, be aware of the dangers that lurk within and guard against procrastinating and finding yourself stuck. Take a risk and operate outside of your comfort zone and success will be yours.

Street Talk

Your timing is quite amazing Beverley. need this today!.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Shawn. There will be another one coming soon with a slightly different take on it.

  about 1 decade ago

Nice article! So what I gather you are saying is to expand the comfort zone (middle circle) by taking risks and doing some things that you normally wouldn't do! Sounds very familiar to me...LOL Yeah I took a flying leap off of the Street Articles cliff a month ago! Now I am venturing into the book world! OH MY!

  about 1 decade ago

Hi McK Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. Some people would argue that we should just kick our comfort zone into touch, but I think that's probably unrealistic. I think it's something that you constantly need to work at and yes expand your comfort zone to incorporate more things. Good luck with your book venture.

  about 1 decade ago
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