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Why Failure Should Be A Part Of Your Life
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Why Failure Should Be A Part Of Your Life

The title probably had you thinking, “Why would I want failure to be a part of my life?” But you know what, failure really isn't a bad thing. It should be a part of your life or else you will not succeed.

Look at it this way; when you first started riding a bike, you needed training wheels, (most people did), and you used them until you were comfortable riding without them. Then all of a sudden you tried riding your bike without the training wheels. You more than likely had a fall or two while doing so and this is normal. See you had to fall first in order to get it right.

The same thing happened when you were learning how to bake your grandmother’s great tasting cake. You may have left out a few ingredients or the cake may not have been as moist as hers. Either way you look at it, we have to fail first in order to succeed.

The biggest problem with most people is that they focus all of their energy on trying not to fail. This is not a completely bad thing, but if we never fail we can’t ever succeed, it’s that simple. Failure allows us to learn from our mistakes and helps us to be an inspiration to others. Wouldn't you want to share your story with other people?

Let’s say you struggled with weight loss and you were addicted to food. You could tell people how you over came your addiction to food and how you lost the weight. This would be a good way to make money if you had a blog about weight loss or if you were to write a book and sell your story. The story of your failures will inspire and encourage people to not give up.

Successful people from all walks of life had to face failure in order to succeed in business or building an empire and they welcomed it with open arms. They knew if they were to be successful they had to fail first.

There are many people who had dreams and never accomplished anything because they either failed and gave up or were afraid of failure period. They are stuck doing jobs they despise and allow other people to talk them out of their dreams. This is something you shouldn't allow people to do to you.

If you are afraid of failure just stay at home and never walk out of your front door because you can’t avoid failing. You have to practice at everything you do without giving up. A true failure is one who gives up completely. You don’t want this to be you.

So instead don’t be afraid of failure. Also don’t be so hard on yourself when you do fail. Remember the most successful people in this world failed many times before they got on top. Also remember that failure shows us the areas in our life where we need improvement. So keep in mind that failure equals success.

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Gotta fail to succeed!

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