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Why The Poor Are Poor And The Rich Are Rich
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A much publicize thought today is simply why the poor are poor and the rich are rich. No one literally forces one to become rich or stay poor. It is a very individualized question. Some people want nothing more in life to become rich (whatever their definition of rich is), and some people in life may not want to be poor, but cannot come up with a way to get out of poverty.

Moving from rags to riches is a very difficult feat. It requires a lot of relentless effort for one to become rich. The quest can become from a very early age, or someone can start out later in life without the requirement of years of education. For people who want to become professionals, it takes years and years or education to become what they want to be. It takes many years for someone to become a doctor. Someone has to always have very high grades, volunteer, gain experience and show they want to become doctors, and then they have to spend many years at school. Once they graduate medical school, they have years left with their residency before they start to earn the large pay checks. People do not start to earn high salaries until they are in their 30s if they want to become doctors. That is dedication.

Other people want to go different routes to become rich. Most entrepreneurs do not even start business for the money, but rather for perks of self-employment. Nevertheless, they are usually among the richest people. Perhaps after starting a few businesses in an industry it becomes easier to start another, but it is very arduous work for people to start businesses, grow them, and make a huge profit from them. If you do not want to work for rear end off for years, entrepreneurship is not for you. For every person who has instant success, there are many more people who fail. However, the very good businesspeople learn from their failures and correct them on their next venture.

Many people give up. Many people give up their dreams of becoming a doctor when during their first term in college they realize how difficult taking the necessary classes to become a doctor is. Many budding entrepreneurs give up once they realize how hard funding can be for their venture. During a down economy, many people give up looking for work because of lack of knowledge or experience. In these cases, the dream was long gone before it ever had a chance to blossom.

Moving up in social class, if you will, requires a tremendous amount of dedication. Many people see making money as a game. How much can I make? What does it take to make this? Often, the rich who are rich are the ones who really wanted it.

Too many people give up on themselves far too soon. Even college graduates from good colleges give up looking for work after so long and far into depression. They do not even give themselves the opportunity to ever become rich.

The people who are rich, also, often just get lucky. Sometimes it is as simple as being at the right place at the right time. Or from just knowing the right people. Two-thirds of job openings are never published: they come entirely from word of mouth. Why the poor are poor can often be who they know. If you have few contacts, you have a much steeper slope on which to climb than someone who has contacts to make a senator proud. Knowing the right people can help you land a job, or help you start a business; having a great mentor is a irreplaceable asset for the entrepreneur.

Ambition is used quite often to describe the difference between the rich and poor. But is that really always fair? There are plenty of ambitious people who are not rich. Many people have several degrees and needed dedication to get a relatively low paying job. Many people fell into careers that require a high level of ambition, but result of a low level of income. Conversely, others fall into high paying careers which did not require the same high level of ambition.

Of course, there are also people who do not want to work for it. Many people become content with their lives and do not want to move forward to become rich. That in and of itself is their prerogative. Some people become complacent and just never move forward. People who want to move to becoming rich can not become complacent. It is too hard today to move up in social class to ever become complacent. Once you become complacent, you have reached your ceiling. The poor may view becoming rich as too difficult and never start without believing that they can beat the odds.

There is no easy answer why the poor are poor and the rich are rich. There are many factors. Of course, some people who become rich work 18 hours per day and some people who are poor are content from hardly ever working. But there are many reasons why people are where they are in life, from what they have control to what they have no control. There is luck, and then there is being good.

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