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Can Fish Oil Supplements Make You Smarter?
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Can Fish Oil Supplements Make You Smarter?

Various studies done on fish oil supplements have shown that children who have taken these supplements show improvements in reading and maths skills.

Different studies on children whose ages ran from toddlers and pre-schoolers to high school students showed that fish oil supplements and fish oil supplements combined with evening primrose oil showed these children developed better communication skills, improved reading and math skills, and improved grades across the board.

So the question has to be asked; Does fish oil supplements make you smarter?

The simplest and most straightforward answer is no. Even the best fish oil supplements aren't going to make you any smarter, however, what these supplements do accomplish is helping to improve memory and concentration skills, which do result in improved mental functioning across the board.

While this is good news for everyone children and adults alike, this is especially important for people who have ADHD.

One of the most noticeable symptoms of ADHD is that people who have this condition often have a difficult time focusing and concentrating on tasks at hand. In addition, anxiety, another symptom of ADHD makes it even more difficult for people with ADHD to concentrate.

Because fish oil supplements do help reduce anxiety levels and improves concentration, focus, and memory many people who use fish oil supplements as part of the treatment for ADHD seem to grow smarter after a few months of use, when in actual fact, these people were intelligent all along and it was simply their inability to focus that was holding them back from achieving academically.

Since maths and reading take a great deal of concentration to master, these are first things that noticeably improve in school age children. And with better reading skills, comes better all around grades as reading is an essential part of almost every academic subject.

Adults with ADHD also find an improvement in concentration skills when taking fish oil supplements allowing them to perform better at work related tasks, as well as household chores, and even helping them to show more attention to family members.

Peripheral Benefits Of Increased Concentration For People With ADHD

While the ability to focus and concentrate better is a very good reason to take fish oil supplements, there are some added benefits that increased concentration in people with ADHD.

These benefits include:

Lower frustration levels. By being able to concentrate better, many tasks seem easier to complete which often results in people with ADHD feeling less frustrated and stressed.

Higher Self-esteem. Many children and adults with ADHD have low self esteem caused in part by a lack of success in academics and work tasks. When concentration increases success in these areas increases and there is nothing like being successful to increase those feelings of self-esteem and self confidence.

So while fish oil supplements may not actually make you smarter, they can allow you to concentrate better so that everyone around you gets the opportunity to see how intelligent you really are.

Street Talk

Thank you Cynthia for your comment.

  about 1 decade ago

Interesting! I'm using supplements from my naturopathic doctor now and they do seem to be helping me heal. My mind is clearing so I definitely resonate with your article here. Good job writing. Useful for children and adults with ADHD - and for others who are healing!

  about 1 decade ago
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