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Health And Wealth In Marriage
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Health And Wealth In Marriage

This is an area I am diffidently no expert in so this post should be taken in the context of exactly what it is, one bloke talking about how his life has gone since being married and the battle to keep it healthy and wealthy.

Firstly lets consider what I believe would constitute a good healthy marriage (well this is tricky because this is a lot easier to say than do), to me the idea is to be able to have a marriage to a partner that you are able to retain that spark and interest in your partner like the first time you met. Or the moment you actually realized you were in love with them and continue to feel that way all the way through the highs and lows of your relationship.

How time changes.

As your time together goes on with your partner you go through some pretty challenging times together. I remember when my wife and I first started dating (I had only just left a failed relationship 2 months earlier) we were full of life and dreams and could get enough information about each others life up to the point of meeting. In the first few months all spare time was spent organizing activities and time together and the thought of time alone was unheard of.

The first six to twelve months of our relationship was a whirlwind ride building our connection and experiencing all of the things all new couples like, special dinners, exciting day trips, weekends away, fun and adventure exploring the sites as a couple. Life is great!

The Planning and Action Stage

Then as the time goes on you move into the planning stage of your relationship. Your dreams together are plotted out on paper, dreamed up while snuggling in bed or discussed long into the night while sharing a drink together.

Then the action times begin, first off for me was our engagement, then buying land, building our first house, marriage, honeymoon, our first child, new car, second house (the one you do for yourselves) and then our second child and now our own business (not bad in 8 years).

Where from here?

But along the way something has changed…you, but not only you, your relationship with your partner. Now this is the point where we can lose sight of who we where when you met and you might ask yourself are you still happy with who you are and how your relationship is and where its going?

This is to me the hardest part because on the outside things appear to be going great and from and outsider prospective that’s how it is. It’s easy two look at other couples and families at this point in your relationship and say “wow look at those guys they seem like they have it all and I wish that was us!”, but you never actually ask yourself “do they look at others and think the same thing”?

To me it is quite easy to think the grass is actually greener on the other side and then start questioning your own relationship and situation.

So… the solution!

In short I don’t know exactly how to stop this from creeping into your relationship, maybe I should ask my folks, 40 years plus together and they have certainly seen their fair share of good times and bad, or maybe my grand parents, 60+ years together and still going strong for the advice needed to finish this post.

Maybe the secret is to remember what first brought you together with your partner and try and bring back those times, maybe learn to live with where you are at now and push through as normal to see where things end up or the option I like least grow apart.

To me health and wealth in marriage is not having all the shiny things, the biggest house on the block or even being able attend the glitzy events.

To me it’s about having good times together, both as a family and as a couple, being happy with where you are at in your relationship and where it’s heading into the future and keeping your dreams alive. Remember the one's you made together when you first met late at night over a drink, plotted out on paper or while snuggled up in bed.

Be true to yourself, your partner, your family and never lose sight of the bigger picture. It is easy to get side tracked and think because times are tough it’s time to get off the bus, but by sticking to the journey no matter how rough the ride, could possibly be the greatest trip in your relationship.

This could also get you to your destination of a healthy and wealthy marriage!

Now it’s time to spend some quality time with my wife and family!

Live Healthy – Live Life!

Street Talk

Dave, I just love the honest, thought provoking writings you present to the readers. Keep writing!

  about 9 years ago
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