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How To Take Vitamin Pills?
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How To Take Vitamin Pills?

Over all taking the vitamin pills are best taken with the first meal the same time each day makes it more effective. As a general rule, vitamins and mineral supplements are best taken during meals or fifteen minutes before or after eating, in order to enhance their assimilation. For some people taking vitamin pills is not so easy particularly for older people, sick person and young kids. But using a straw to drink the water or juice makes them easier to swallow the pill because of the suction used to pull the liquid through the straw. Drinking water straight from the bottle may also be helpful, possibly because of the motion tilting your head back when drinking from the bottle can help the vitamin pill go down easily.

In taking pills, the water should be cool but not cold. In addition you can also use juice drink, but you might want to check first to your doctor, to make sure that the juice will not conflict with your prescribed medication you are going to take.

And here are a helpful tips for taking vitamin pills!

* Take vitamin pills standing up and keep standing for about two minutes afterward. Before then, drink a lot of water first then take the vitamin pill to your mouth. Swallowing them with a small amount of water, this will make the pill go down a lot faster and easier. And while standing it will give the pills a chance to move swiftly along, instead of getting stock to your esophagus where they may disintegrate and cause nausea and heartburn.

* There is a study that according to Stephen Paul, PhD, a professor of pharmaceutical economics and healthcare delivery at Temple University's School of Pharmacy in Philadhelpia, taking multivitamin and fat soluble vitamins A,D and E, should be taken with the largest meal of the day. That's when the most fat is present in the stomach to aid in the absorption of the vitamins.

* The water soluble vitamins C and B-complex, should be taken while eating a meal or half hour before the meal. The vitamins help start the bio-chemical process that breaks down food, making it available to use for energy and tissue building.

* If you take a large doses of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins better take them in a separate time and doses throughout the day rather than all at one time. In that way your body will use more of it, and you will also help the present of urinary tract infection be gone.

Always remember...never attempt to take mega doses of any vitamins, minerals or herbs that may interfere your prescribed medication or health condition unless you do so under the supervision of a health professional. And also some antibiotics used to treat infections may cause vitamin pills to be less effective.Have always put in mind...follow the given instructions. Another thing don't just buy vitamins which is synthetic. There's a lot out there selling synthetic vitamin products...that sometimes may cause a problem to your over all health. It's only a waste of money on your part.

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Interesting. My problem is I always forget to take them so looking around for a vitamin pill container, Cheers !

  about 9 years ago

great info. Thank you. God bless ; O) Kymee

  about 9 years ago

Same to you,'re welcome and thanks!

  about 9 years ago
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