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Igf1-rx Review
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Designed to help the body get the most out of anabolic performance, IGF1-RX is available without a prescription.  Made from a special proprietary mix of clinical strength natural ingredients, it has been developed to deliver the essential nutrients the body for maximum anabolic effect.  This IGF1-RX review will provide an introduction to the supplement and discuss its pros and cons.

IGF1-RX has been designed to help athletes benefit from the anabolic effects of IGF-1 safely and naturally. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is an endocrine hormone that is produced in the liver.  Playing an important role in the growth and development of children, in adults it has been shown to have an anabolic or building up of muscle cells and tissue.  When released from the liver, IGF-1 has a growth effect on most cells and tissue throughout the body.


With the important role that IGF-1 plays in the growth of various parts of the body it is important to keep nutrient levels high.  IGF1-RX states that it provides the essential nutrients needed to the body performing at the maximum anabolic levels.  The description states that the formula contains high quality natural ingredients needed to deliver the best results.

Since it’s made with a mix of natural botanicals it is not necessary to get a prescription to take IGF1-RX.  The recommended dosage, unlike many supplements in this category, is only three capsules a day.  Also, it is recommended that it be cycled with a schedule of three weeks on it followed by a full week of not taking it.


With limited information about specific ingredients it is difficult to look at a complete list of possible contraindications with other supplements or medication.  More information about the individual ingredients would help in the process of identifying possible areas of concern.

At between $35 and $75 per bottle, the price could be considered higher than other products that boast similar results.  Also, the money back guarantee has more stipulations than a lot of the supplements similar to IGF1-RX.

BENEFITS (as claimed by the manufacturer) • Ability to aid the body in maximizing anabolic activity • Increased results from working out • Can be stacked with other products for added benefits

Before beginning this or any supplement, consult with a primary care professional to evaluate any possible negative results.  Discuss any all medications and supplements being taken.  Use this IGF1-RX review as a reference for information but also consider locating more information about it.  

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