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More Testosterone, More Muscle, Less Time Wasted
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Life is a busy man's game. We all have dreams of sticking to our fitness goals and routines but find it hard to get into the gym if it isn't after work. Problem with going at these times is - EVERYONE else who works is doing it as well. We get to the gym around 6:30 or 7 and it's mainly packed with guys and girls talking up a storm about their work day and how exhausted they are but they still made time for the gym. That's cool, but are they seeing any results?

I know I was one of them dudes, I used to go to the gym and ramble on for hours about some of my clients (I work in Real Estate) and the truth is I only did it to avoid actually hitting the weights. By the time I got out of work I'd be BEAT. So I decided to do the next best thing; research. I started by using a bunch of pre-workout shakes but all they did was get me all wired and jittery and fighting to fall asleep by 2am. So as I did more research I learned that the reason behind my sluggish gym-mode wasn't that I was tired, it's that as we get older our testosterone levels aren't the same at all times of day.

Long story short, I put in the work and found 5 natural supplements that would help me not only build muscle, but have the energy to do the workout needed to get those gains as well. My discoveries are down below and should help you achieve the same goals I have as of late (bodyfat went from 17% to 7.8% and I dropped from 159 to 137 pounds). Hope you enjoy it, and please - try it before you knock it.

#1: Tribulus.Tribulus is not only good at boosting testosterone levels, but it's also known to boost mitochondria metabolism which helps convert fat into muscle (awesome - I know :-D). 750 mg/day.

#2: Vitamin D. I live in New York, out here we don't get much sun during those vicious winter months, being that our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D from exposure to the sun this is a definite no-no. The Vitamin D I use is Vitamin D3, careful not to use D2, it doesn't yield the same test-boosting effects as D3.

Daily: 4000-5000 IU split in 3-4 servings.

#3: DHA (found Fish Oil). DHA makes up the outer-structure of our cells and helps in boosting adrenaline. This adrenaline effect will give you a great boost in energy and not only that, but it burns fat at faster pace, meaning way before cortisol (the muscle-eater!) starts to kick in with it's catabolic effects.

Daily: 1000-1500 mg

#4:Velvet Bean. Now I know this one sounds funny, but I did my research after seeing it in many of my mood-enhancing supplements. Turns out it's purpose is just that - mood boosting. It triggers dopamine in our brains, which gives us that high & fine feeling (in a legal way of course lol). Dopamine not only improves mood and focus, but it also stimulates growth hormone in our bodies. Studies shown between a placebo group and another group taking Velvet Bean showed that after 3 months the placebo group still had low test levels, while the control group improved test levels that pretty much turned back the clocks on their sex lives... which also leads to muscle growth ;-).

Daily: 200 mg before your workout and another 200-400 mg before bed.

#5: Hemp-Protein. Okay, so I'm not telling you to drop your Whey Protein, but I am telling you to get your hands on Hemp Protein for your pre-workout protein shake... and fast (it works for me). Hemp is loaded with good fats, good muscle-feeding carbs, and tons of BCAA's that boost testosterone and muscle growth at the same time. Not only does it do all this but it also carries the protein in the seeds faster to your muscles than any other intra-workout protein.

Daily: 30 g in the morning and 30 g 15 minutes prior to your workout should do the trick.

God bless & Love. Cheers.

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You should look at ac11 too. Hemp protein sound good. Hemp is an amazing plant

  about 8 years ago
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