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Natural Cures For Cancer – Part I
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Natural Cures for Cancer – Part I

Ya, Franz is back! No silliness here! I want to talk to you today about a very serious topic. I am sure you know of someone, or may have someone close to you that has been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately once diagnosed, the after affects of all the treatment recommendations is grim. The medical industry will pump all kinds of drugs, perhaps perform surgery, and who knows what other methods to try and remove the disease. Sometimes successful, other times not, and then success is sometimes short lived. I believe that there are natural cures for cancer. I know folks who have done it. Through there own sheer determination (read my article on the law of attraction) and a natural whole foods diet, some even eating only raw foods, they cured themselves completely. So, Franz wants to talk to you about natural cures for cancer that perhaps might help you!

Now for extreme cases of cancer it takes a lot of power packed foods to energize your body enough to fight it. It can be done, but the best way to beat it is to combine natural supplementation with an organic whole foods diet. Cancer can not live in a highly alkaline body, or some would call it a high frequency body. I know what you are thinking! If it were that easy why wouldn’t every one being doing this? I think it’s because there’s no money in eating healthfully, for the medical/pharmaceutical industry that is. And as far as I know doctors are not taught anything about nutritional science. Find a good naturopathic doctor and that is a whole different story.

For more on healthy diet ideas you can visit healthy food choices to get more ideas. As far as natural cures for cancer we need to look at some specific supplementation. But before I do that lets take a quick look at what cancer is. Your body is made up of about 100 trillion cells. Cells are dividing and making new cells all the time. But the process is not always perfect. When a cell is attacked by something that endangers its function, like cigarette smoke, a lack of essential micronutrients, a virus, environmental toxins, and pharmaceuticals, the cells can get damaged. When a cell can’t duplicate itself properly cellular division becomes uncontrollable. When this happens a once healthy cell turns rogue, and duplicates wildly. This is called cancer. Now cancer cells are basically lazy, so they group together and form a tumor.

Now, when cancerous tumors invade other parts of the body they can set up shop in various places and disrupt organ function. They secrete certain chemicals to make them invisible to the immune system while setting up a network of blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to grow. This eventually takes all the life away from the rest of the body because it can not fight this onslaught causing us to die prematurely. Where these rogue cells develop determines what kind of cancer we get: pancreas, breast, blood cells, etc. The list goes on!

The good news here is the body doesn’t allow cells to go “crazy sick” because when that happens every cell has a specialized protein that can repair it. If the damage is unfixable the cell commits suicide before things start wildly dividing. And if for some reason the cell doesn’t do its job, it is attacked by your robust immune system before those rogue cells go undercover. Cell suicide is cancer’s worst enemy. Our bodies are so smart that they are able to fight off this attack by eliminating these nasty cells before they are a danger. Without this auto response we probably would not ever grow to be adults. Now this is important! All cancer is just a normal process that only leads to death when a cell fails to die due to internal damage. So, if you insure proper cell suicide than you will avoid suffering from cancer!

Okay, this is a big topic to take on. Ya, you are probably thinking that Franz has bitten off more than he can chew, and I have tried to make it easy to follow without getting too crazy. But I want you to stay with me here! Understanding how cancer starts will help you to make sense of how natural cures for cancer are absolutely going to help your cells commit cellular suicide, there by making sure you avoid ever having to deal with this disease. But, Franz is getting tired so he is going to sign off, SO please come back later and I’ll continue this discussion.

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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