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Trace Elements But Great Elements
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Trace Elements But Great Elements

Trace elements are the elements that are present in small amounts. The elements are present in the ratio of 1:20000 that is one part in 20000 of an organism. These elements are present in very small amounts and the elements are related with enzymes and perform certain vital actions in the body of an organism.

  • Fluorine:

Traces of Fluorine are present in the tissues of the body. Fluorine helps to prevent teeth from caries. The main source of fluorine is from water. The daily requirement of fluorine is very less. The deficiency of fluorine causes tooth decay. Excessive fluorine causes diseases in various age groups. It results in mottling of teeth, abnormalities in the bones, nervousness and premature old age.

  • Copper:

The body tissues contain copper. The daily requirement of copper is 1-2 mg. Copper plays an important role in the oxidation of ascorbic acid. Copper also helps in the formation nerve sheath in nerve cells. Copper is always present in the food materials. So, copper deficiency is not common.

  • Cobalt:

Vitamin B-12 contains cobalt. It is easily available in the foods. Cobalt deficiency is not common in humans.

  • Zinc:

Zinc is present in all living cells and tissues. It is a component in the enzyme systems. Zinc is present in pancreas and reproductive system. Zinc helps in wound healing. Zinc helps in growth and development, proper functioning of the reproductive system.

  • Manganese:

It is present in all cells and tissues. Good sources are nuts, pulses, coffee and tea. Manganese is required in the actions of enzymes and synthesis reactions of the body.

  • Selenium:

It is believed to prevent or reduce the effects of vitamin-E deficiency. It helps good condition of the liver and muscles.

  • Molybdenum:

It is present in some of the enzymes. It is a necessary nutrient in man.

  • Nickel:

Nickel is present in pancreas and liver.

The following three conditions in humans due to trace elements causes pathological changes in humans.

  1. Excess of fluorine in water causes severe disease in different age groups.
  2. If copper metabolism is effected it causes Wilson's disease.
  3. Zinc and copper excess intake causes malignancy of the gastric system.

The inorganic elements play an important role in body activities and body mechanisms. The elements that are required in large amounts are calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus. The elements that are required in small amounts are known as trace elements. The trace elements are Iodine, fluorine, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, selenium, molybdenum, nickel, aluminum and silicon. Thus the elements play an important role in our body activities and mechanisms.

Proper nutrition helps to get all the essential components and makes us healthy.

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