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Triple Strength Fish Oil Supplements - The Truth You Need To Know!
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The use of fish oil supplements to improve overall health is not a new concept at all. People have been using these natural supplements for years and millions have actually avoided major health problems because of the regular use of these health products.

Recently, however, a new kind of product known as triple strength fish oil supplements are starting to rise in popularity. Many say that these are much better because they are three times as potent and three times as beneficial as regular fish oil supplements.

Others say that they are not necessary because the ordinary fish oil products are already more than enough.

If you are unsure of whether these new supplements would really be beneficial for you or not, it would help to know more about them first before ditching your current fish oil supplement and switching to one of these triple strength fish oil products.

Which Components Are Really Being Tripled?

The name sounds very promising but you do have to find out what exactly is being tripled in these new supplements. Are there any consequences or risks because of the higher potency, if it is indeed stronger than the usual supplement?

The most important components of a fish oil supplement are the DHA and EPA. Thus if you are buying a triple strength supplement, you would expect that it contains three times as much DHA and EPA as the regular variety.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More often than not, while the fish oil potency is indeed tripled, the amount of DHA and EPA is only slightly increased, if at all.

Furthermore, most of the companies that are selling the triple strength variety of fish oil products are those that make use of fillers and artificial chemicals.

So while you may be getting more of the vital omega 3 fatty acids, you would also be getting more of the undesirable ingredients, which could put you at greater health risk.

Labels Are Not Important – Check the Ingredients

The only reason why supplements manufacturers call their products “triple strength” or other similar labels is because these names are attractive to the average consumer.

However, we should all learn to look past the labels and focus instead on what the product actually contains.

Product labels are usually very deceiving. If you believe all the labels that you see, especially on health products, you may be putting yourself at risk of serious danger.

In order to avoid these problems, you should basically just ignore the labeling and the packaging and instead, closely examine the list of ingredients.

What to Look for in a Good Fish Oil Product

There are just a few simple guidelines that you have to follow in order to find a reliable fish oil product. First, you should check that the fish oil is derived from at least one of the following fishes: salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies, or hoki.

These are fatty fishes that have the highest amount of DHA and EPA.

If possible, you should also find out where the fishes were harvested. Avoid those that came from very polluted areas with a high concentration of arsenic and mercury.

Consuming fishes or fish oils that contain traces of these heavy metals can be very dangerous to human health.

It is also very important to check that there are no artificial substances used in the fish oil products in any way, even as preservatives or “harmless” fillers.

These synthetic ingredients may not necessary pose a serious health threat but they do reduce the potency and effectiveness of the supplement.

In summary, while some labels may really be very attractive to consumers, you should not base you decisions on these names at all.

It would be so much better for your health and your safety if you inspect the ingredients closely before you pick any health product.

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