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What Is The Best Food For Anti Aging?
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What is the Best Food for Anti Aging?

Is there really one single answer to what is the best food for anti aging? It is one of those things that always seem to change. One minute we hear that the Acai berry is the best food for anti aging and the next it has changed to something else! No wonder so many people are confused.

Instead of looking for the latest new product or supplement we should remember about natural antioxidants. This includes one of the best berries of all time, the blueberry. The best thing about the blueberry is that it is widely available and not too expensive. Of course summer time is the best time to purchase this berry. You can even freeze some to use during the fall and winter months.

Antioxidants are important in our diets for a number of reasons. First they help to neutralize free radicals, which have been linked to cancer. Research has shown that blueberries can help to fight other diseases including:

• Cardiovascular disease • All types of cancers • Have helped patients suffering from Alzheimer’s

In addition to the above benefits blueberries are packed with fibre. In turn this helps to keep our heart in great condition and our cholesterol levels in order. Manganese is important in the development of bones and blueberries are packed with this important nutrient. It just makes sense to call the blueberry one of the best foods for anti aging.

Everyone leads busy lives today and this is one reason why numerous people are looking for ways to stay and feel younger and healthier. It is possible to get plenty of nutrients from natural foods.

If you feel as though your diet is really lacking in nutrition then you may want to look at alternative ways to supplement your vitamin and mineral intake. If you decide to try and find a supplement form, of the best food for anti aging, then be sure to read the label before purchasing.

Ensure that the product uses quality ingredients and gives you specific instructions on how to use it correctly. This is extremely important as some supplements work best when taken with food or a glass of water.

There are many other foods that are listed as great anti aging foods and these include:

• Avocados • Walnuts • Beans • Green Tea

Each food can be taken in different ways and this gives you plenty of choices. Choose the one which you like the best and use it consistently. Then you can easily recommend the best food for anti aging to your friends and family!

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