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Workout Supplements
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Vitamins and minerals have always been the basic nutritional supplements that everybody has grown up with. Now that the fitness industry has exploded, there are a few new types of supplements on the stage.


Protein is one of the most common supplements recommended today. It is a staple in the diet of anyone who is trying to gain or maintain good health! Protein helps to build and maintain muscle and it often used in weight gainer supplements or meal replacement shakes. Most users consume this product within 5-10 mintues post workout in order to help out with muscle recovery. This supplement is safe for pretty much anyone to use because it can be found naturally in meat and many other natural foods.


Creatine is another naturally occuring supplement that often gets a bad name. Many Moms and Dads all over the world tell their children they are not allowed to take this muscle building supplement, without realized that the human body creates it naturally. Creatine is necessary for our body's fast twitch muscle fibers to work, and the more creatine in your system, the more work your muscles can do. (theoretically) Many people complan that creatine causes them to retain water and get a "puffy" look.

Fat Burners

For years fitness "gurus" have told the masses that cardio workouts burn fat, which has always been an issue because the majority of people do not like cardio exercise. Enter fat burners. Fat burning pills are supplements that can be classified as thermogenics. They increase the bodies core temperature which makes it burn more calories, and expel fluids. This causes a leaner and fitter look, but can also give consumers a very jittery feeling. These are not necessary supplements by any means, but they are often used by bodybuilders and fitness models before competitions and photoshoots.


Preworkout Drinks

Prewokrout drinks and nitris oxide boosters are the most popular supplements on the market. These supplemetns are often times filled with caffeine and arginine in order to dialate veins and incrase energy. The supplements advertise that they will increase pumps and allow for increased strength. They also claim to help reduce bodyfat! Is there anything this supplement doesn't do?

I have always been skeptical of exercise supplements and the claims that they make so I asked A friend of mine to help me investigate.This friend graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biology and decided to right a paper for school on one of my favorite preworkout supplements. His findings were pretty cool, and extremely detailed.

Are you trying to benchpress 400 lbs? Maybe get some abs? Whatever the case, you do not need to take supplements to reach your goal. You can do it all on your own with a proper diet and a lot of motivation. Supplements can help a lot, but they will never replace good old fashioned hard work and dicipline. 

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