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On a warm summer day, on a beach in San Diego, a local surfer named Todd meets a young woman from New York. She's on vacation in San Diego for two weeks. There's an instant attraction, so they both decide to spend the whole two weeks together. Todd shows her all the different sights and attractions around San Diego.

On the last day of her vacation she asks Todd to go back to New York with her. She wants him to meet her parents and also show him her town. Unbeknownst to Todd, the young woman had broken up with her current boyfriend so she could be with Todd.

They fly back to New York City and she introduces him to her parents. Todd has a nice time while he's there but decides that this relationship isn't going to work out. He tells the girl he's going back to San Diego.

Back in San Diego, Todd and his two brothers, Patrick and Shawn decide to move to Hawaii. All three brothers are avid surfers. They love surfing in Hawaii. One day the three brothers decide they want to go surfing in Bali. They make all the travel arrange-ments and fly over to Bali.

The three brothers head to one of the surf spots. The waves are really breaking clean with nice barrels. This particular surf spot is very popular. The line-up is packed with surfers. The brothers grab their boards and paddle out to the surfbreak. The waves that day head high and glassy. Ideal conditions for surfing.

While sitting on his board in the line-up, Todd makes small talk with the surfer next to him. They talk about surfing, surfboards, places they have surfed. Finally, they get on the subject of girls and relationships. As the conversation continues, they both come to the realization that both of them are talking about the same girl. That girl from New York City. They both have an epiphany at the same moment. Their jaws drop and a look of shock appears on both their faces. Almost simultaneously they both say "What's the Chances of That?"

They both realize that this is a one in billion chance of them meeting like this. To be in the same country, Bali, at the same surf site, on the same day, same time, and sitting on boards right next to each other. There were so many variables that could have come into play that could have made this chance meeting never happen. For instance, they could have been at different surf spots, or seperated by several surfers. There were so many possibilities.

After having a good laugh about the incident, they both decided to paddle back to shore. Todd asked one of his brothers to take a picture of the two of them, holding their surfboards, with their arms on each other's shoulders. They mailed the photo back to the that girl in New York City.

"What's the Chances of That?"

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