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3 Steps To Prepare For A Hurricane
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3 Steps to Prepare for A Hurricane

Hurricanes can leave a path of destruction behind. From flying objects, to torrential downpours to incredible gusts of winds, the features of hurricanes are certain to do one thing: Make life far more difficult.

There are, however, some simple ways to can secure your home and prepare you and your family for the upcoming hurricane that is inevitable to hit.

  • Doors and Windows

The doors and windows of your home are the most vulnerable spots during a hurricane.

When it comes to your windows, cracks can cause objects to come flying inside your home, severely injuring or even killing those inside. By replacing your windows with impact-resistant shudders or coverings, ou can prevent this deadly incident from taking place.

Your doors, of course, also will require some modifications. You need to look into plastic glazing and shatter-resistant doors or screens for a replacement of your current doors. If you have sliding glass doors, you NEED to get these replaced. They are potentially the most vulnerable point in your home during a hurricane, as glass can shatter and pieces of shards can go flying and cutting people and objects in their path.

  • Preparations

You also need to make sure you have a supply of food, water and protection. I have said this a hundred times before and I will say it a hundred times more: You NEED to have a supply of food, water and protection. Preferably, you will want to have enough edible resources for at least 72 hour, or 3 days. However, I highly recommend a week's worth of supplies. This will ensure that you can stretch them to last longer if you feel it is necessary.

People fail to protect, and in turn, they lose the emergency supplies they have stockpiled during an emergency. If you have food and water, it will be certain that other desperate people who have not prepared will come and try to take it by force.

During hurricanes Sandy, Isaac and Katrina, crime ran rampant in the days following the hurricane. Looting, kidnappings, murders, rape, theft and home invasions were at an all-time high due to little to no law enforcement presence. If you cannot protect what you have, then it will likely be taken from you, so prepare for it!

  • A Call to Action

I am asking each of you, who live in hurricane prone areas, to prepare now, not later. It is important that you take into account the very simple ways to prepare for a hurricane before one actually happens. When one happens, it will be too late. Look back no further than Katrina, and you will see what desperation is truly like.

Be safe! Prepare, thrive and survive, at any cost.

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