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Emergency And Disaster Preparedness
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Emergency and disaster preparedness in on the minds of many these days. Katrina destroyed homes and businesses as did hurricanes in Florida. Two major earthquake / tsunami disasters have hit the Pacific and Haiti and South America were hit by earthquakes. A nuclear disaster similar to the one in the Soviet Union has hit Japan as part of the last tsunami which destroyed the capacity to cool the reactors. It wasn't too many years back when volcanic eruption displaced man and beast in the Philippians. Why wouldn't we be thinking about emergency and disaster preparedness?

In 1976 ago the Teton dam broke loose here in Idaho killing people and livestock. It sent a flood that swallowed many thousand acres of land. A tremendous relief effort was waged by the Mormon Church to feed and shelter those effected. Such relief efforts now in Japan are much greater in magnitude with many thousands of dead and displaced.

During the Cold War our government set up shelters and food storage facilities across the country or the possibility of a nuclear war. Governments are not ready for other emergencies but Japan was prepared for a major earthquake. However they were less ready for the tsunami and the nuclear spillage.

Many communities have emergency preparedness plans. I have participated as an amateur radio operator in at least one such drill. Out drill was the crash of an airliner. Our job was to rescue survivors, control crowds, and to provide communications. The airline passengers were bandaged up and driven off to local hospitals. It was quite a disaster. I was glad is was not a real disaster.

But real disaster do come. Potential disasters here in Idaho are earthquakes (we have had a few bad ones), floods such as the Teton Dam failure, and the possibility of a major volcanic eruption. The later would be if the Yellowstone super volcano exploded which would probably kill everybody in this part of the West and then some, perhaps everyone in the country. It erupts every 600,000 years or so and the last eruption was 640,000 years ago.

Most all the nuclear reactors were removed from our state and the few ones that are left are small research reactors too small to cause a serious threat to the public. But we have had a nuclear disaster here in 1961 and lives were lost. When Three Mile Island had a nuclear disaster, my daughter was still living in York, PA finishing high school. I was living in the Atlantic City area. I jumped in my car and drove to York and took her home. I was surprised to see that York had a news blackout and the people there didn't realize what was going on. Only now do we know what really happened there.

My wife has always been a great disaster planner. I cleaned my garage last week and found a number of emergency kits. There is food, water, a portable toilet, an emergency heater, blankets, first aid kits, flashlights, you name it.

We should all think about family survival and safety. The Boy Scouts have a required Emergency Preparedness merit badge. It covers everything from a kitchen fire to a nuclear disaster. It could be your guide if you grab a copy.

My son and his wife even have seed on hand in case something happened and they couldn't buy seed. Some people have guns to protect themselves in case of anarchy. I think that everybody in Idaho has at least one gun, all except me. I might shoot myself in the foot.

But you should think of both short-term and long-term survival. As the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared."

Fly Old Glory!

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