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Emergency Survival Kit Ideas - Prepare For A Natural Disaster
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If you’re thinking of emergency survival kit ideas it’s a smart list to create since there are so many unexpected natural disasters that can strike at any moment. It is certain that things do happen that we never bargained for, and to worsen the matter, most times they happen when we are least prepared. It is for this reason that you need to arm yourself with the best emergency survival kits so you come out safe and sound no matter what.

For the most effective of emergency survival kit ideas you need to determine the possible kind of accidents that you may be involved in. It is certain that different environments carry a tale of possible accidents with them. A place can have a history of natural disaster or explosions, and it is with such information that a good judgment about the kind of survival kit to provide you can be made. Also important is the number of persons that may just be prone to same accident(s) too.

For example, you may need a personal survival kit if you are embarking on a solo adventure, or if you live somewhere very remote. Depending on your budget you can go for the ordinary personal survival kit, or you go for the deluxe type. Although the deluxe personal survival kit may contain a little more, the ordinary type is far better than having none at all. It is just a matter of the kind of environment since in the event of accidents like natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, hurricanes, storms, etc) and mine explosions; it may take several days before help arrives.

For priority emergency survival kit ideas, you want to make sure that the kit comes with:

  1. Emergency food- This will help keep you strong enough to wait until help is reachable. You also need strength and energy to keep your body fueled.
  2. Emergency water- This is even more important that food as it is impossible to stay alive for a long period of time without it.
  3. Emergency lighting- In the event that the accident happened in the dark, or happen to trap you after the accident, you need a flashlight with charged batteries or a similar device to enable you get noticed easily by the rescue team on ground.
  4. Emergency First Aid- If you sustained an injury you need to tend it before it gets even more serious. Emergency survival kit ideas like having a first aid provided you gives you a head start before the medical team arrives. Ensure that all supplies are included.
  5. Emergency shelter and sanitation supplies- These are important as you need to stay protected if you happened to be in an emergency situation that is life threatening. There must be provision for items like sleeping bags, toilet paper and a poncho.
  6. Also make sure the survival kit comes with other handy yet life-saving things like a multi-purpose knife, a torch flare, a lighter and other vital items such dust masks.

Lately after the 2011 natural disasters in both Japan and Myanmar the topic of emergency survival kit ideas has really come to the forefront. Even some unique ideas like having playing cards to keep the mind sane and help you focus on something different are becoming a real trend in emergency kits. The ideas are truly endless but of course you need to make sure that the emergency survival kit itself is compact, in an accessible place and updated.

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