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Shtf 2012 Preparation: Power Outages And Emergency Lighting
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Shtf 2012 Preparation: Power Outages And Emergency Lighting

Maybe you believe that 2012 will bring "just" an economic collapse or "the end of the world as we know it" (TEOTWAWKI) as some fear. Either way, you will want to have some sort of a plan for emergency lighting if the power grid goes down altogether or becomes less reliable. Candles just won't cut it in 2012.

Emergency Backup Generators Are Not the Answer

As power outages and blackouts have become more common across the country and more have been affected, it seems that there is an increase in the number of households who have emergency backup generators. This is a good thing, when the emergency is a temporary outage due to weather.

What do you do, though, if the power outage is widespread and lasts more than a day or two? The gasoline to run your generator will be unavailable at gas stations, who require power themselves to pump gas. The gas in your generator's tank and that extra fuel can you have for your lawn mower will be used up in a day or two of continuous running. Then it will be time for "Plan C."

When You Run Out of Gas

If we think of the first two days of an outage as 'short term,' then let's turn our attention to "medium term' - which lasts from day 3 to 14. It's not likely that you have enough candles around to light your house for more than a day or two, and besides, they are a fire hazard and not very easily portable to help you perform tasks all around the house.

The best option for medium term lighting is LED flashlights and headlamps. Battery powered LED lights will last up to two weeks and they are safe, economical and very portable. Headlamps, which may embarrass you on any other day, will be a lifesaver if you are trying to move around in the dark and get things done. They aren't just for coal miners - backpackers swear by them.

You can get some great advice on which types of LED lights to buy, how to choose the best batteries to use in them, etc. in any number of urban survival manuals. There are several considerations that most people don't even think of until after they have been through an extended power outage.

Long Term, What Do I Do For Lighting?

If the grid is down for a longer period of time, the best solution is a small, inexpensive solar power setup. For less than a hundred dollars, you can get enough light from a solar panel to light one room of your house. The type of lighting you will want to have is definitely LED, as the bulbs last almost forever and they use much less light than incandescent or florescent lights. An inexpensive LED rope light will put out a lot of light and can run off the solar power stored by a small panel for the entire evening until you go to bed.

While there are many urban survival techniques to practice before a major collapse happens, food water and lighting are the three that will impact most people immediately. So,while there are a million things to think about, plan for and prepare, lighting is one of the "big three" that you can get started on very easily.

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