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How To Keep Your Pool Cool
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How To Keep Your Pool Cool

No one likes getting into a swimming pool on a hot summer day, only to feel like they're getting into a bathtub. Yuck!

I had this exact problem with my pool last year. I live in the mid-south where temperatures and heat indexes reach over 100 degrees and by the middle of August, my pool water was around 93 degrees! My family didn't want to swim, I went through chemicals like crazy, and having friends over for a pool party wasn't even an option!

This year, I got smart! I installed Sun Shade Sails over my pool. The water temperature stayed a cool 82 degrees all summer long (give or take a degree or two) while my neighbor’s pool was, you guessed it, bath water! Gross!

The sails I purchased are made from a heavy-duty polyethylene weave material, however they came with nylon rope for installation, and I knew immediately that that was not going to work. Living in the mid-south, we get all kinds of crazy, wild, rainy and windy weather, and I wanted to make sure these sails weren't going to 'sail' into the night! So I hired a local contractor to help with the installation.

Eight tall 6 x 6 cedar posts were installed in the ground around the pool at two different heights. The nylon rope was tossed aside and we upgraded to steel cable. Winches were installed in the corner posts for quick release and take-downs. What a time-saver those winches are. In my part of the country, I wouldn't recommend installing sun shade sails without them!

The pool was completely shaded between 11am and 1pm and still mostly shaded around 3pm. Now when it's 105 degrees out everyone wanted to be in our pool! Oh, I should mention, these sun shade sails also block 98% of those harmful UV-rays!! Bonus! The sails also added much needed beauty to my backyard. Where it was once plain and boring - now with the sun shade sails in place - my backyard it my favorite private retreat!

So I have to say my summer turned out great this year! The water was, in a word, AWESOME!! My family was happy to swim again, chemical usage didn't break the bank, and we had some pretty fun parties out there, too!

The pool is closed now and the sun shade sails are down and stored for the winter. This was the best investment I made this year and I can't wait until next year!!

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