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Salt Pool Chlorinators - Is Your Pool Killing You?
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Salt Pool Chlorinators  -  Is Your Pool Killing You?

There is a growing body of people that are making salt pool chlorinators a thing of the past.


Because there is a growing body of evidence that strongly suggests that the chlorine found in swimming pools is highly toxic and hazardous to your health. The danger comes in that when the chlorine produced by the salt water chlorinator comes in contact with organic matter (such as the oils of skin, hair, sunscreen lotion etc) a chemical by product is produced. This chemical by product includes such deadly chemicals as trihalomethane and chloroform. Both trihalomethane and chloroform have been linked to increases in cancers, birthing abnormalities, skin disorders, respiratory problems, migraines, male sterility as well as many other health issues.

Australian’s are well known for being a water loving nation. But as years have gone by, it is great to see people becoming more and more aware and leaning more towards natural solutions. Let’s face it, Australia has never been known for being on the cutting edge when it comes to health. Europe has always led this field and it seems they still are. Many European nations are now moving towards a total ban of chlorine and salt water pools. This is all based on the health research that has been founded by Universities and medical researchers.

Many people are under the misconception that just because they have a salt water pool, they don’t have chlorine. WRONG! Salt pool chlorinators are exactly that. Their job is to turn the salt in your pool into chlorine through a chemical reaction that takes place within the unit. The bad news for salt water pool owners is that trihalomethane levels are actually higher than in chlorine pools! However, both are very bad and dangerous to your health.

Think about it … why does salt or chlorine exist in a pool? Why can’t you have just fresh water? Because algae, germs, bacteria will all take over the pool in next to no time. So we add chlorine to make the pool water so full of toxins that nothing can survive in it. Chlorine kills 98% of known bacteria. But there is a better way to kill all these things than by adding toxic chemicals …

There now exists the technology of pool sanitiser units that replace chlorinator units. The water still gets pumped through and treated, but instead of being treated by chlorinating the water the water is sanitised through a natural process that kills 99.9% of all known bacteria. Meaning you no longer have to add toxic chemicals, saving you time, money and your health.

So if you are currently in the market for salt pool chlorinators – think twice. Consider the healthy, cost saving alternative.

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