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How To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Pool On Holiday
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How to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Pool on Holiday

Just back from a great 2 week holiday with my wife and little girl. Had a wonderful time and discovered a way to keep my little girl safer around the pool by her wearing a floating swim suit. After watching my little girl play around the pool on holiday it occured to me that most kids feel restricted in there movement due to having water wings or rubber floating rings round them. My wife had already thought about this and knowing my daughter went to the expense of buying her a swim suit with a floating device built into it.

As soon as my daughter put the floating swim suit on she asked why was he belly so big! I explained that inside her swim suit was floats which will keep her head well above the water when she is in the sea or at the pool. These things are great I thought , to see the look on the faces of everyone around the pool and beach look at a 3 year old splash away without a care in the world gave me a sense of satisfaction that she didnt need to walk around in a restricted manner and was free continue in the water without having to keep her head up above the water!

After a few days my little girls confidence increased no end, her leg movement and ability to navigate round the pool splashing away convinced me that floating swim suits for kids have real positive aspects and contributed to our overall enjoyment of the holiday.

When we got back from holiday I made it my mission to teach my daughter ho to swim. Given that she had 2 weeks practise floating in her swim suit she has taken to swimming very naturally. As you would expect this has given me enormous satisfaction as it took me countless lessons and many encounters with the bottom of pools to master the fine art of swimming! I reckon that if these floating swim suits where available when I was younger (back in the seventies!) I would have got the knack of swimming quicker.

There are 3 main reasons I would use a floating swim suit on kids.

Firstly it gives your kid great confidence when out in the water.

Secondly it encourages arm and leg movement in the water.

Third your kids eagerness to learn to swim properly is greatly enhanced.

Keeping your kids safer around water on holiday can take alot of pressure of you as keeping then entertained for long periods of time can be draining. Swim suits with installed floating devices for kids came to my rescue this year. Roll on next years holiday.

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