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Tubing On The River
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Tubing on the River

So you’re interested in going tubing. There are many factors like what kind of tubing, (there are many kinds), safety tips, equip, when and where, and the list goes on. So today I want to go over some of these things, and a lot of them you will figure out on your own, like your own preferences.

What types of tubing is there? My personal favorite, Free floating. Free floating usually takes place on a river where you are typically carried by the current of the river. The time it takes depends of course on the current sped and the distance of the river you want to float. Free floating or river tubing is said to have been invented in Thailand by princess Chumbhot sometime in the twentieth century.

Towed tubing usually takes place on a lake or a large river. I'm sure as you can guess towed tubing you are pulled by a boat or Jet Ski or wave runner, the rider can often get air born when the air catches under the tube just right and also when the rider passes over and "jumps" the wake of the water craft.

Tubing is not just a water sport but snow activity as well. Called snow tubing started in the 1820s in the Alpines. Much like sledding only using a tube. And taking place on a snow covered slope or hill. A tube round of course can make it extremely hard to control the direction and speed and can be very dangerous but certainly fun as well. These are just a few examples of the more popular types of tubing.

Tubing can be a blast for the family or if you just want to go out with a group of friends. It can also be very dangerous and possibly even fatal. There are over a thousand injuries and hundreds of deaths in one year in the US. alone. So when you are out there take extra precautions and use your head. It is recommended not to tie your tubes to one another or use ropes as you can easily become tangled and catch a snag and the current could pull you under and that would be a sticky situation. many of these are people having to much to drink and drowning or hitting their head.

As far as safety equipment, Of course use the same safety gear as you would if you were white water rafting, life vest, helmet, and swimming shoes as without them you could step on or hit a sharp rock glass etc. and cut your feet. I usually take a cell phone with a fully charged battery and keep it in a zip lock bag and in a dry place, you know just in case there is an emergency. Not your brand new IPhone or anything just a cheap Tracphone or something so that way if it does get wet you’re not out much.

There are many different types of tubes to choose from many shapes and sizes. There are doughnut tubes that are made of a thin flexible material, rubber or plastic as are most types of tubes. They are hallow in the middle just like a doughnut. And then there is a "disc" that is obviously shaped as a disc. Basically it is a doughnut with a durable canvas material wrapped around it. You can also use your inventiveness and make tubes to carry supplies like coolers, Sunblock, Drinks and food even camping supplies or fishing gear!

In some areas there are businesses that have it set up for you to rent some tubes, and they will drop you off and pick u up at your exit point. Give you safety tips and even rent safety equipment. If you have one of these places near you I would definitely take advantage of it, At least for your first time out.

I hope you have found this information helpful and have a great time which every type of tubing you are looking into and remember always be safe and on the lookout for potential dangers

Thank you fellow tuber

Austin m.

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