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How To Choose A Tattoo Design
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How to Choose A Tattoo Design

Many people often ask the question how to choose a tattoo design? To be completely honest this is a very difficult question to tackle.There is a lot of factors that consist in the development of a good tattoo, and many people don't consider the challenges until it's time to get one, leaving the same few to regret getting that one tattoo from the beginning.

First off, if I even had to remind you, but tattoos are indeed permanent, outside of the small fraction of people who get their dreadful tattoos laser removed.Ultimately that's a time, and cost consuming process that you want to avoid if possible.When choosing your first, or next tattoo you can consider checking out what you seen from friends, celebrity's, websites, or catalogs, to just feel around for what you like.There is no over thinking this process, just relax and pick images that stand out to you, that make you feel comfortable in representing for the rest of your life. Again, REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Another way to choose a good tattoo is to relive your history. What I mean by this is to take a place, person, event, date, etc., to fuel your tattoos design.I have a passion to travel, I want to see the world so most of my tattoos represent this point like a living post card. Every new location I visit I try to get a new tattoo and incorporate the place inside the design.

Original tattoo designs don't have to only be based on history, if you're an artist or possibly have a little drawing skills you could draw your own tattoo.The best thing about drawing your own tattoos is that it's already 50% unique. The other 50% comes from a technique that I like to call the artist preciseness.This is when you simply ask the tattooist doing your tattoo to just take your idea, and let him or her freestyle on top of the original design, therefore creating a whole new exciting design.

If you plan on pursuing a lifetime of tattoo work then I suggest you come up with a theme to keep you focused, and to also keep things flowing good. Preferably speaking in reference to sleeves, and full body works of art.When I think of the word theme, I think of a story,it could be happy story, sad, or funny, but whatever the theme you decide stick with it.

Choosing a tattoo design can prove to be difficult if you don't have a prime focus in the direction you're trying to go, It's good to have a direction.Whether it be something you seen, something in your past, a drawing or theme, its all crucial when getting a tattoo.Always make sure to think things through because you will change your mind a million times before actually making your final decision. Finally always, always be patient when getting a tattoo.Just don't run and get one off impulse, good luck on your future tattoo design, hope this helps with the thought process.

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