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Ideas For Tattoos For Girls-5 Popular Tattoo Designs And Placement
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Ideas for Tattoos for Girls-5 Popular Tattoo Designs and Placement

The days are over of biker boys and rock stars dominating the tattoo scene. Nowadays everyone is getting tattoos as a form of expressing themselves. Especially with women, they are realizing that it is a great way of expressing their feelings and emotions. With that more and more ideas for tattoos for girls have been popping up. Most of the time women will get a tattoo design when something big and important happens in their lives. It might be that they got married, had a child, a death of a loved one, break-ups or finding a new loved one. Women really do love expressing their feeling and emotions through their tattoo designs.

Most women don't like tattoo designs like skulls, goth, or anything weird like that but they fall in love with colorful tattoo designs like stars, flowers, and butterflies and angels. Here are 5 popular ideas for tattoos for girls:

1. Butterfly tattoos: Colorful butterflies is a top choice for women when they go to get a tattoo. Because the butterfly tattoo represents freedom, beauty, tenderness, cheerfulness, and change it is easy to see why they are popular ideas for tattoos for girls. Women can relate to the representations of the butterfly.

2. Star tattoos: Just a single star or a cluster, these tattoos represent fortune, leadership, and fame. Women like to get tattoos of small, colorful stars on their bodies.

3. Fairy tattoos: Women fall in love with magical beings, innocent tattoo designs, and fairy tails. Women love these designs because of the fact that fairies make wishes come true, they can fly, and fairies are pretty and innocent creatures.

4. Tribal tattoos: Tribal tattoo designs are at the top of the list of ideas for tattoos for girls. Those can choose from a graphic tattoo design, traditional, or possibly a mix of both. The combination of both contemporary ideas and savage ideas make for a good mixture for tattoo designs.

5. Zodiac tattoos: Women can always relate to their zodiac sign so naturally they are popular with women. These tattoo designs look sexy while at the same time represents her personality.

Now that you have ideas for tattoos for girls you might like to know where you should put that tattoo. Here are some popular tattoo placements for women:

1. Your lower back: The lower back is one of the sexiest spots that a women can get tattooed. The popularity of this tattoo placement has been on the rise for years.

2. On the inside of your wrist: This tattoo placement looks beautiful and classic at the same time. The wrist tattoos are popular because it will be easy to hide with a bracelet or watch if needed.

3. Ankle tattoos: This is a very popular place to get smaller tattoo designs like maybe a zodiac sign and could also be hidden if needed to be.

4. Neck tattoos: Neck tattoos look seductive on women. The neck is less prone to get infections from tattoos and can be hidden by wearing your hair down.

5. Foot tattoos: Foot tattoos are rising in popularity these days because of the style and they are very feminine.

Now that you have some ideas for tattoos for girls and are familiar with some of the tattoo placements for women you should be able to get that tattoo you have always wanted and get it in the placement that meets your needs.

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