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Top Four Tattoo Ideas For Men
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Top four tattoo ideas for men

Men have been getting tattooed for thousands of years and the symbolism and status of tattooing has ebbed and flowed throughout this period. In this article I hope to give you a few quick tattoo ideas for men that will kick start your research and I hope point you in the direction of a kick ass tattoo that will be the envy of your friends and that will draw glances from all that meet you. Great body art should be treated like all great art and not rushed into. Take your time to find a design you are happy with, find a good artist and care for your ink and it will look great for years to come.

Script Tattoos

You have to be blind not to see the rush for script tattoos at the moment and almost every tattoo collector will have a script tattoo somewhere on their body. Good script designs really hinge on two basic elements, font and placement, get these right and you’re well on your way to getting the perfect script design. Script placement has to be right, think about the size of the tattoo and the detail required to get the script right. Nothing looks worse than when someone goes cheap with a script tattoo and gets it too small so that the nuances of the font are lost and the lines start to blur. I’m a strong believer that bigger is almost always best with a tattoo so when getting some script think of the size of the font required to get the detail right. You’ll be rewarded with a top piece of ink.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos come and go and if you talk to a number of tattoo artists some will love them and some will hate them. Me...I’m in the love them category but with a rider... it has to be a good tribal tattoo. When looking for tattoo ideas for men the days of swirly armbands are long gone and a tribal tattoo now should contain some symbols that you have researched and that mean something to you. The great thing about tribal style tattoos is that they have been around for a long, long time so if you do your research you are sure to find a tribal design that fits you as a person and can say a little about you.

Sailor Jerry Style Tattoos

Well what can you say about the sailor jerry style of tattoo, it looks cool, it exudes rebellion and the colours and style will never really date. Sailor Jerry is a legend in tattooing and his style and influence took in Ed Hardy et al. To some it’s the classic tattoo style and one of the classic tattoo ideas for men that links you to tattooing through the ages. It is one of the most iconic tattoo styles out there but like tribal style tattoos it needs to be done right to look good. Like most things in tattooing, great design + great artist = great tattoo, keep this in mind with tattoo designs for men and you won’t go far wrong.

Japanese Style Tattos

The Japanese style is one of the classic tattoo ideas for men, look at a well inked Japanese full colour sleeve and try to tell me that it isn't a beautiful style that will last through the ages. Whether you go for the kanji script or something a bit more taxing such as a koi tattoo or geisha as part of a sleeve, put the effort into finding a good Japanese artist and you will be rewarded with a tattoo to be proud of.

Tattoo Placement

The great thing about tattoo ideas for men and being a man is that placement of your tattoo is almost entirely up to you!! Full sleeve tattoos will look great with the Japanese or tribal style of tattoo whereas when utilising script or a Sailor Jerry style, the back looks great as do forearms. Be aware that some of the nautical style of tattoo look good when placed traditionally, for instance on hands and necks but this often isn’t realistic for all but the most dedicated of tattoo collectors

I hope to have given you a little food for thought when looking at tattoo ideas for men, the options are huge and way beyond the scope of this article. But if you research the broad categories listed here on Google images I’m sure it will steer you towards some tattoo ideas for men you can be proud of and one that more importantly represents you as a person.

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