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Tax Fraud - Protect Yourself From Tax Fraud
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Tax Fraud  -  Protect Yourself From Tax Fraud

You have watching the news lately? If you haven’t file for your income tax return yet, you might want to do it before someone else take your chance and your refund.

As you might know identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America and tax season is an especially vulnerable time.

Tax fraud have become an epidemic in cities of North Miami Beach and Tampa, Florida and spreading nationwide.

According to police official the crooks are stealing information from insiders at medical offices, assisted living facilities, schools, and other places where information are kept, these personal information included names, dates of birth, social security numbers, from unsuspecting victims.

It is so easy to do, official has found written tutorial and how to commit this type of crime.

These groups get together and teach the crime among them using laptops and free Wi-Fi connections. Police officers have detained both young and old with identifying information for used in tax fraud.Last year the IRS reported 938,664 fraudulent returns related to identity theft, totaling $6.5 billion.

The Tax Fraud is ten time as bad this year as it was last year with at least 582,000 taxpayer who where victim of identity theft. This crime as become a nightmare for identity theft victims, it can take up to one year before the victims get their return.

The IRS acknowledges that tax fraud is a serious problem and working hard to fight the crime. In reply, the IRS has set up a tax investigative team, whose only goal is to identify and prevent the Tax Fraud.

Simple steps for Preventing Tax Fraud

  1. Installing anti-Malware software on your computer.
  2. Be careful when using a tax preparer, they are many unscrupulous tax preparer that will use your information for criminal activity.
  3. Protect your social security like a newborn baby.
  4. Make sure your tax preparer is accredited tax preparer, Enrolled Agency, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Licensed Public Accountant and or Tax Attorney.
  5. Get references of the Tax Preparer. Ask friends or families.
  6. Tax Preparer affiliated with a professional organization that holds them to a code of ethic.
  7. Change important password like bank accounts, social media accounts, regularly and used a strong password.
  8. If you and your family have much too loose check your credit reports every six months and or resources for firms that will protect your identity for a price.

If you suspect tax fraud report this activity to the nearest IRS office. You also can communicate this information in writing or by phone. You can call the IRS office at 1800-829-0433.

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