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Black Tea Is A Health Drink
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Tes is good for you. Most people have heard of Green Tea. But Black Tea is also a health drink and there are benefits to drinking it.

A number of teas including Green, Black, White nad Oolong all come from thevery same plant. Processing the teas makes them all unique and different.

Falconoid and antioxidant in Black Tea has healthy benefits such as better blood flow and clear arteries as well as great flavor. Your over all health is better with strong bones, better breath, fewer cavities, lower cholesterol and even prevention from some cancers.

Black Tea contains about 35 mg of caffeine compared to coffee which has 135 mg.

Black Tea has no calories. This is true only if you do not add any sugar or milk to it. Tea has a boring taste without these ingredients and so you will probably add them. It might be a personal thing to add these.

Lots of heat will get the most out of your tea bag. Heat will help transfer the flavor from the tea leaves to the hot water. The tea bag should be in the hot water for a few minutes before drinking from the cup.

You could put the tea bag right into the cup as well. Remember to take the bag out before drinking or it just might fall out on to your face when taking that last little sip. Nothing to be concerned about though.

Not everyone likes the taste of Black Tea and so you might concider adding some sugar, or a bit of honey. Some might even like a slice of lemon. I have seen milk added so it looks like a cup of coffee.

Black Tea goes well with snacks like a biscuit, cakes and a fresh cookie. This is great with guests or maybe as a snack when you get home from a busy day at work. These days there are specialty drinks being made all the time. So you might try a cold cup of tea with ice cubes. A punch might work with ingredients like orange and apple juice, mint, gingerale and some good old rum.

If you are adventerous you might try and make your own mixes and drinks you like. Experiment till you find what works for you. Just make sure the drinks are healthy and tastre good too.

There are a lot of people drinking Black Tea and some even like it more than coffee. Not everyone realy knows that it is considered a health drink.

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I'm a great fan of tea!....Thank you for sharing...would like to hear more from this, (^_^)

  about 1 decade ago
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