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8 Team Building Tips For A CEO
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8 Team Building Tips For A CEO

“Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.”

— Henry Ford

Team building acts as a powerful tool in defining the success of an enterprise. A CEO should realize the importance of team building if he wants his company to grow in leaps and bounds.

Individual success is futile if the team fails to achieve its goal. The success of a team rides on the combined efforts of all team members towards a common goal, leaving behind their individual preferences and interests.

Here are some suggestions for the CEO to build and sustain a self-motivated team that works selflessly to achieve a common goal:

1. Appreciate the Good Work in Team Meetings

It is very important for the CEO to appreciate the good work in the team meetings. He should specially mention and admire extraordinary contributions of individuals. The appreciation must be genuine and based on real facts so that it does not evoke dissatisfaction and jealousy in other employees.

2. Keep the Team Aware of Individual and Team Responsibilities

A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind.

— Bill Bethel

Being the head of the hierarchy, the CEO should ensure that each of his team members is aware of his/her individual as well as team responsibilities. When a team strives to achieve a common goal with mutual cooperation and coordination, team bonding ultimately grows stronger.

A team is a symbol of togetherness – a sense of being united for a success that is shared and cherished by all.

3. Develop mutual respect among Team Members

For the success of a team, it is essential to appreciate and respect others achievement too. Respecting and appreciating other’s competencies, views and actions will surely help nip the conflicts in bud and ensure smooth functioning of an organization.

Being a CEO, you should work to develop mutual respect and understanding among the team members. Never give credence to backbiting. Keep an unbiased approach and promote honesty, cooperation, and performance. Favoring a particular person without clear reason creates a rift in the team leading to hatred and jealousy among rest of the members.

4. Effective Communication

There should be free flow of communication between the team members, which should be well channelized and projected towards fulfilling a common team objective.

A CEO should always encourage a two way communication. Invite suggestions and feedback from your juniors. You should even consider amending or changing your action plan, if some great suggestion comes along.

5. Strong and Wise Leadership

"All leadership is influence."

— John C. Maxwell

Only a strong leader can control and motivate a team efficiently. Leadership defines the strength of the links in an organizational structure. A stronger leader has stronger influence and more effective coordination.

6. Conflict Management

A CEO should know the art of resolving conflicts within the team. It is the CEO’s responsibility to treat all his employees equally in order to maintain harmony. He should also have the ability to identify the conflicts before these actually disturb the rhythm of the team.

7. Team Building Activities

You can also strengthen the team bonding through some activities that can be organized at regular intervals.

Some examples of team building activities:

• Running a treasure hunt

• Taking the team for a cooking class

• Organizing quiz shows

• Organizing team-wise games

• Going for an outing with the team

8. Seek Guidance at a CEO Club

You can also join a CEO club to learn the art of team building. Attended by different industry leaders, CEO coaching offers a great opportunity to learn from others experiences – good or bad.

You can also share your ideas with like-minded professionals and get valuable suggestions and feedback at CEO clubs. It will help you identify the utility and relevance of your ideas and plans.

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