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Balanced Leadership Development – Avoid The Pitfalls Of Micro - Leading
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Great leadership development training is about preparing leaders to respect people, to help people feel free, and help people grow more responsible.

Today’s most effective leader promotes his or her followers’ sense of freedom to explore their possibilities and test their abilities.

Cutting edge leadership seminars train leaders in recognizing when they are really needed to step in to lend support or guidance, and also when NOT to step in, to give their workers enough freedom to discover their limits and to exercise their problem-solving abilities for themselves.

The best leadership practices involve a careful balance between intervention and independence.

Micro-leadership, like micromanagement, is a coined term that represents the form of insecure or imbalanced leadership that dominates followers by over-directing.

This inevitably causes a reaction of resentful push-back from the workforce, which wastes the energy of the workforce and therefore lowers its productivity.

By over-directing, micro-leadership also risks leading the workforce to become too reliant upon leadership for creative thinking, spontaneous choice-making, decision making and problem solving.

This over-burdens leadership with excessive responsibilities, while leading the workers into being LESS responsible and reliable.

This display of insecurity or distrust by leadership also teaches the workforce, by example, to lack trust in one another, including lacking trust in leadership.

To build trust in your leadership you need to demonstrate trust in your subordinates through truly balanced leadership.

Team leaders undermine team building by relating with team members in a domineering or intrusive manner, by approaching the organization’s interests in an overly protective or “hovering” way.

Demonstrate balanced leadership ability by not minding your worker’s business to the point that you overlook the impact of how you are attempting to lead.

Micro-leadership stems from leadership’s insecurity, and that stems from the leader’s misuse or misunderstanding of the power of visionary leadership.

Effective leadership begins with the leader creating a vision of the organization’s success.

Crucial leadership skills include the skill of envisioning the organization achieving the goal that the leader decides to aim for.

The inspiration that the leader feels as he or she envisions success translates into the positive power of motivation that flows from “the top down” throughout the whole of the organization.

But when leadership feels insecure about the ability of the staff to fulfill their responsibilities, it means that the leader has been focusing on a vision of failure, rather than on a vision of success.

If you don’t trust your workforce to come through for you, you are envisioning failure rather than success.

Leadership training in balanced, visionary leadership is then needed to help you to recognize that your fears are not based on the actual merits of your crew or staff, but on how you THINK of your crew or staff.

If you feel insecure about your workforce’s ability to do what you count on them to do, imbalanced, insecure micro-leadership is certainly NOT the answer.

Give workers no more responsibility than they have proven they can handle, and trust them with a bit more to see if they can stretch themselves to rise to that higher level.

Envision your workforce’s success and consider how you can help your workers succeed.

The opposite of this is resorting to imbalanced micro-leadership by taking on their responsibilities yourself, which serves to:

• Over-burden you with too much responsibility

• Lead your workforce into becoming less responsible

• Incite the distrust of your workforce

Turn everyday into a balanced leadership skills seminar by constantly asking yourself:

• Am I seeing my workforce as failures or as successes?

• Am I intervening when I ought to let them find their own way?

• Am I respecting my people and their need to feel free, while helping them to grow into more responsible workers?

Keeping these questions in mind will turn your daily work-life experience into a balanced leadership development training.

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